It’s been a while since I participated in Sinful Sunday, mainly because I didn’t really have any pictures to share. The selfies I take are either too nude and I’m uncomfortable to share them on my blog, or they are just not sexy or sensual. But I had a few spare moments during the quarantine this week so I took a couple of pictures.

I love this shirt, as it always makes me feel really sexy. And I like the little rainbow heart. I wish I had a shirt like this with the heart in the bisexual flag colours but maybe sometime I’ll be able to find it. You can kind of see that I’m only wearing a shirt in this picture and nothing else. It’s all I needed.

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Sinful Sunday


The Insatiable Jane Travers

The Insatiable Jane Travers cover
Would you choose a stable marriage over a lifetime of excitement? What if you could have it both?

It’s the roaring twenties.

Naive virgin Jane Travers arrives at her friend’s country home hoping to spend a summer away from her strict aunt and uncle in New York. She’s been promised wild parties and endless excitement, but she soon finds herself in over her head. With the help of the sexy singer Lillian Smith, and her old flame Sidney Fitzroy, Jane starts to explore her sexuality, blossoming from an innocent virgin to an insatiable vixen.

With Sidney and Lillian both satisfying her deepest desires, Jane cannot imagine ever going back to her aunt and uncle’s restrictive household. But without an income of her own, her only escape is marriage. Sidney can offer her a stable life as a married woman, but with Lillian, she’d have a lifetime of excitement.

How can she choose when her heart—and body—belongs to both of them?

13 thoughts on “Pride”

  1. I love this shirt on you (I think I need one just like it), and love how your excitement shows right through it <3

  2. I have a bit of t-shirt envy but also damn this picture is so sexy, the nipple through the fabric but also the way we can just see enough to know you don’t have anything on makes me want to scroll down the image but I can’t.


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