Reflection Time

I am happiest when I am writing. November is my best month in terms of mental health as I participate in NaNoWriMo and I allow myself to write my heart out. But when the month is over my resolve to keep writing every day slackens. Part of it is the loss of community, the loss of being held accountable for the amount of words I write each day.

And part of it is an apparent lack of what I shall call motivation. When I do something for me – like writing – it seems that there are always more important things to do. Like work. Or reading. Or helping the kids with homework. Not that those things are not important too, but why should they be more important than something I do for my own enjoyment? Why shouldn’t I put effort to furthering something that makes me happy?

So I guess my happiness is not motivation enough for me to keep writing.I need more than that. I need community, accountability and a belief in myself. A belief that what I am writing is not completely rubbish. A belief that just because my blog has only a handful of followers I shouldn’t stop writing.

After all, there is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself.

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