Share our Shit Saturday, the “I am Busy” Edition

It’s the end of the week again! It’s been such a busy week for me, with travel to the Netherlands to see family and for work and lots of other work and non-work related items going on. Next week is going to be even worse. I can’t seem to shake this tiredness and I really want to feel the joy of blogging again. I am trying to blog more, as I find that the more I blog, the more I enjoy it, and I also need to not worry too much about what other people think.

With that said, here are a few blog posts by other bloggers who are also amazing and whose voices deserve to be heard. Sex is apparently still the worst act you can engage in, or at least that is what Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform make us believe. But I refuse to be cowed and will keep on blogging and sharing the beautiful, inspirational, funny, informative and useful blog posts my fellow sex bloggers are writing.

Let’s start with this great post by Aurora Glory where she provides some tips on having sex as a parent. All parents know how challenging that can be. It reminds me of the night hubby and I had sex in front of the fire and our oldest son came down. Luckily we had just finished and hubby had been prepared enough to keep a blanket handy, but it must have looked odd: both of us on the floor, naked under a blanket.

Marie over at Rebel’s Notes opens up about her increasing sex drive and how she deals with that in light of her partner’s lack of libido. I envy her the capability of reaching an orgasm in 10 minutes, but I totally know what she means by ‘practical orgasms’. Hopefully it will get better, Marie!

Joanne reviews the Paddle Ex Animo on her blog. I have never done impact play, but am always curious about it. This one is really not a beginner’s paddle, so I wouldn’t buy this one, but it’s interesting to read Joanne’s experience with it (spoiler: it’s good).

That’s all for now. Check out what others share on Twitter by following the #SoSS hashtag.

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