Available now! The Insatiable Jane Travers

The Insatiable Jane Travers cover

Hello my lovelies, I have exciting news! My debut novel, The Insatiable Jane Travers, is out now! You can order it now from Amazon.

Here is a summary of the story:

It’s the roaring twenties. Desperate to escape the stifling confines of her life with her aunt and uncle in New York, Jane Travers arrives at her friend Rachel’s country home determined to enjoy a summer full of fun and excitement. Rachel has promised her risqué parties, but what awaits Jane is beyond her wildest dreams. Guided by her old flame, Sidney Fitzroy, and the sensual singer Lillian Smith, Jane enthusiastically embarks on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

With Sidney and Lillian both satisfying her deepest desires, Jane sheds her restrictive upbringing and embraces her newfound freedom. As her feelings for both Lillian and Sidney intensify, Jane faces an impossible choice: a stable future with Sidney or a lifetime of excitement with Lillian.

But how can she choose when her heart belongs to both of them?

I am beyond excited that I can finally introduce Jane, Sidney and Lillian to you all. I have lived with these characters for years, writing, rewriting, editing and re-editing their amazing story. I really hope you will love them as much as I do.

As an added bonus, the first 20 people who pre-order my book will receive a bag of goodies. Just email me a copy of your receipt and your address and I will send you your goodies on 6 December once the book has been delivered to you.

As the summary alludes to, this book is full of sexy scenes: F/F and F/F/M pairings and yes, even some group sex. If you like your erotica explicit and varied, this is the book for you!

The amazing cover of The Insatiable Jane Travers has been designed by the talented CJ Douglass and the story has been edited by Lara Zielinksy. I owe both these wonderful ladies a debt of gratitude for helping me make my novel the best it can be.

And here is a tiny preview of the first time Jane attends one of her friend Rachel’s sexy parties:

The woman moaned and bucked her hips against the man’s hand. Jane could see the woman’s cunt on full display every time the man withdrew. Her whole sex shined with wetness. Jane watched in fascination.

The man started rubbing her more rigorously now, with great results. The woman moaned and writhed on the chair, occasionally crying out with pleasure.

“Do you want it?” the man asked, his voice low.

Jane felt herself respond to these words. She wanted this man to continue what he was doing. Her groin throbbed and she felt her panties getting wet. It would be a restless night tonight.

The woman nodded and said, “Give it to me.”

The man needed no more encouragement. He raised himself up and Jane saw his cock for the first time. She blanched. Once she had sneaked a medical book off Uncle Henry’s bookshelf and had looked at the drawings of a naked man. These had not prepared her for what she was seeing now. This man’s cock was hard and much, much bigger than the pictures. She watched open-mouthed as the man took his cock in his hand and poised it at the entrance of the woman’s cunt. He thrust his hips forward and his cock disappeared. The woman bucked her hips against him and moaned loudly.

“Such a tight cunt.” The man moaned as he pulled his cock out and thrust it back in.

To read more, please buy the book. There’s lots of hot scenes like this.

I really hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did writing it.

The Insatiable Jane Travers is available at Amazon.

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