Child-bearing hips

“You have child-bearing hips,” my mother used to tell me whenever I complained about having a big ass. “It’ll be easy for you to have children.”

I didn’t see how that was any consolation. I was sixteen and didn’t even want to think about having children. I was just concerned with my big hips and big ass. I wanted to be a skinny girl with narrow hips and a barely-there ass.

When I ultimately did have kids, my child-bearing hips did nothing for me. Sure, my pregnancies were okay, but giving birth? Forget about it! The doctor bluntly told me my pelvis was far too narrow to ever have a chance to push a child out.

“But my child-bearing hips!” I wailed. I had put up with them in the promise that they would be good for something eventually and now I was being told they were useless after all.

“Women with big hips tend to have narrow pelvises,” the doctor informed me. “It’s a myth that women with wide hips bear children easily.”

I have since come to love my big hips and ass. I love how shapely my ass looks in cute, tight dresses. It doesn’t hurt that my husband drools over it as well.

I actually found a pair of cute panties I could feature for the Lingerie is for Everyone meme, so here you go. Enjoy my big ass ?.

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Lingerie is for everyone

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9 thoughts on “Child-bearing hips”

  1. Thankfully my childbearing hips did not come with a narrow pelvic space, as I birthed an 8lb 10oz baby at 18… but I do know that feeling of not wanting a curvy body, my waist has always been 1 dress size smaller than my hips so jeans and trousers never fit well, until they started to add stretch fabric components to the denim, for me the biggest thing is knowing MrH loves my jazz and that has helped me to love it too.

    You look gorgeous in this picture

    Sweetgirl x

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      Thank you! I’m glad there is some truth to child-bearing hips at least, I felt so cheated ?. And yes, my hips are a size bigger than my waist as well, which is quite frustrating.

  2. Great picture! As I gained weight I had a hard time accepting my expanding ass at first. But it turns out my man absolutely loves it. Now I look back and think I had no ass at all before. lol

  3. mmm I wonder about that because all mine were big babies and were natural births. I have big hips and a big ass. My husband loves it so I really don’t care about what others think. His attitude has always been it’s something to grab hold of 😉

    It is fab to see you taking part and I look forward to seeing more of your images <3 I also love those undies – they are super cute x

  4. I love the composition of this picture. I’m sorry that the width of your hips failed to help in childbirth, but it should be some consolation that you rock your curves! Thank you for joining in on this special week of LiFE!

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