I took a class at Sh! Women Store and it was awesome

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About a week and a half ago, on 19 October, I attended a class at Sh! Women Store. I had planned to attend a class earlier in the year, but never got round to do it. This time, I was in London for work anyway, so I had no excuse not to go.

The class was on female ejaculation and was run by Dorrie Lane. Dorrie Lane is a sex educator, who has been active in the sex education field for years. She creates the amazing vulva puppets, examples of which can be found at her website. (I SO want one myself!)I am able to ejaculate during sex myself, but I wanted to know more about how it happens and if it is something I can learn to control.

I have to admit I was very nervous going to the class. I have never been to a sex-focused class before and I was going on my own, which added to my anxiety. To make matters worse, I was running late as I was meeting someone for dinner beforehand and left it a bit too tight to get to the Sh! Women Store.

When I arrived, a number of people were already there, glass of champagne in hand. I gratefully took a glass, I felt I needed some liquid courage. All the other people in the room were couples, except for two women who were friends. I was the only one who had come on my own, which initially made me feel quite awkward. I say ‘initially’, because once Dorrie started talking, I didn’t care that I was on my own. Dorrie was fascinating.

Dorrie spoke about female ejaculation, but didn’t limit her talk to that. She had brought a video which she had made in the 90s and in which she explained how she started ejaculating when she was 18. She also brought out her vulva puppets to illustrate where the G spot is and how it feels when you are aroused. She also explained about the clitoris, and the clitoral legs, showing on the vulva puppet where the clitoral legs are and how best to stimulate them.

It was then time for the men to have a go at stroking the vulva puppet in a way that their partners would like. Being on my own, Dorrie acted as my partner, showing me what places I should ask my husband to focus on, or which I should focus on during self pleasure. It was very illuminating and having the vulva puppet there made it so much easier for her to illustrate what she was talking about.

What I liked about the class was how comfortable Dorrie was speaking about quite an intimate subject. She made us feel at ease as well, with the exception of one young man who couldn’t seem to stop giggling. She also showed how important it is for women to talk about sex with each other, educating each other, as education is not coming from doctors or other health professionals.

After the class we were able to do some shopping in the store. While I didn’t buy anything, I did check out various toys and I was even able to test the Doxy Die Cast on my hand. I am so glad I did, because the vibrations were surprisingly buzzy and I don’t think I would like them on my pussy. Some of the other vibrators were so much better, such as the We-Vibe Wish Pebble Vibrator and the I-Scream Ice Cream Vibrator, which looks so cute! Both of those are definitely on my wish list now.

The staff at the Sh! Women Store are so helpful and friendly. It helps that they have tried most of the items they sell themselves, so you get much better advise. I always find it much harder to shop for sex toys online as you can’t try anything and I have made the mistake of buying a too-buzzy vibrator more than once.

I came away from my evening at the Sh! Women Store feeling energised and motivated. Sex blogging is sometimes difficult with as much opposition as we get from media, blogging platforms, and generally our cultural resistance to female sexuality. Dorrie showed me how important it is to speak about sex, not only for ourselves, but for all women out there, which gave me renewed determination not to give up on my blog.

I am looking forward to attending more classes at the Sh! Women Store. Check out their classes here.

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