Flash Fiction Friday – The Professor


Remember Ruby and Sandra from Flash Fiction Friday #6? Well, today they are finally having their threesome with professor Connelly. Enjoy!

A threesome should be an adventure. A pleasant adventure. It was something Sandra had always wanted to do and the prospect of experiencing it with her best friend and their hot professor had been alluring. But now that she was in bed with them, she didn’t enjoy herself. It was probably the fact that Ruby and Connelly had been sleeping together for some time. They were comfortable with each other, knew what they liked and had an established rapport. She felt the odd one out. She wasn’t even sure why Connelly had wanted her there.
She looked at the couple in the bed next to her. Ruby had her head thrown back, Connelly’s head buried between her thighs. She seemed oblivious to anything going on around her, completely absorbed in her pleasure. She moaned and held Connelly’s head firmly in place.
Despite herself, Sandra started to get wet. She could feel the heat spreading to her pussy, her clit throbbing gently. Still ignored, she decided to take matters in her own hands and treat the couple as a nice porn show. She spread her legs and slid her fingers through her pussy lips. She spread her juices all over her cunt, gasping involuntarily when her fingers slipped over her clit. Soon she was absorbed in her own pleasure, thrusting against her own hand.
Connelly’s voice brought her back to reality. ‘What are you doing?’
Shocked, Sandra stilled her hands, still panting from pleasure. ‘I…’
‘Move over and straddle Ruby’s face,’ he ordered her. ‘She can eat you out while I lick her. No one needs to be left out.’
Ruby looked at her and grinned. ‘Come on, what are you waiting for?’
Relieved, Sandra positioned herself over Ruby’s face, knees firmly planted next to Ruby’s ears. Ruby grabbed her ass and pulled her against her mouth, her tongue burying itself inside Sandra’s cunt. Sandra gasped and rocked against Ruby’s mouth while Connelly went back to work between Ruby’s thighs. It wasn’t long before Ruby climaxed, bringing Sandra with her.
Sandra collapsed on top of Ruby but didn’t get a moment’s respite. Connelly pulled her towards him, turning her around so her ass was in the air, in perfect position. He dug his fingers into her soft flesh. ‘Delicious,’ he said. ‘I can’t wait to feel how tight you are.’
He spread her knees wide with his legs and positioned his cock at her opening. Sandra groaned in anticipation as Connelly continued to tease her cunt.
‘You want this big cock inside of you?’ he asked.
‘Yes,’ Sandra panted. ‘Please.’
‘You’ll love it,’ Ruby told Connelly, running her fingers over Sandra’s cunt, spreading her lips. ‘She is real nice and tight.’
Connelly groaned and let Ruby guide his cock inside Sandra. He was big, bigger than she had ever had and he stretched her and filled her completely. She lifted her ass to meet him, wriggling her hips to get more traction. Connelly got the hint and pulled out almost all the way before slamming into her hard. Underneath her, Ruby’s hands started working Sandra’s clit and nipples.
‘Isn’t it lovely to have a real cock inside that tight cunt of yours?’ Ruby whispered. ‘A hot, throbbing cock, stretching you wide?’
Her words, combined with her hands and Connelly’s cock sent Sandra over the edge and she convulsed around Connelly’s cock. He grunted and thrust harder and she felt his hot seed spilling into her, causing her to scream with pleasure.
Ruby turned herself around underneath Sandra and as Connelly pulled his cock out of her, Ruby lapped at her cunt, licking up her juices and Connelly’s seed spilling out of her. Sandra shuddered and shook with pleasure and she reached another climax quickly.

Afterward, the three of them lay in each other’s arms. ‘We should do this more often,’ Connelly observed.
Sandra laughed. ‘Hell yes.’


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