Flash Fiction Friday – Slut

Another flash fiction for you, this one a little shorter than usual.

‘Connelly is going to kill us,’ Sandra said.
‘No, he’s not.’ Ruby shook her head. ‘He will be fine.’
‘We missed two classes in a row and we didn’t hand in the assignment.’
Ruby ran her hand over Sandra’s back, cupping her perfect ass. ‘You worry too much.’
Sandra looked back at Ruby. ‘I want to get good grades, and I want to keep my professors happy.’
‘Exactly.’ Ruby grinned as she let her hand travel further south. ‘Don’t worry so much about your grades.’
Sandra rolled her eyes, her breath hitching in her throat as Ruby’s hand found the sweet spot between her legs. ‘Don’t try to distract me, we really have to hand in that assignment.’
Ruby pulled Sandra towards her and moved her other hand over Sandra’s breast. Tweaking her nipple, she trailed feather light kisses along Sandra’s neck. ‘We don’t have to worry about handing in any assignment,’ she told her friend.
Sandra spread her legs to allow Ruby better access to her pussy. She moaned as Ruby’s fingers flicked over her clit. ‘And why is that? Because we will be thrown out of university?’
Ruby plunged two fingers into Sandra’s pussy and started fucking her in earnest. She rolled Sandra’s clit between her fingers, rubbing her harder, allowing the climax build. Sandra moaned and rocked against Ruby’s hands.
‘No,’ she whispered in Sandra’s ear as she neared her climax. ‘Because I slept with Connelly and promised him a threesome with you.’
Sandra threw her head back in ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her, a smile on her face.
‘You lovely dirty slut,’ she said happily.

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