Flash Fiction Friday – The Master

The air is heavy, the room semi-dark. The only sound is the heavy breathing and occasional moans of the couples sprawled out throughout the room. Amy shifts in her seat. She can feel the ache developing between her thighs, the hunger in her lower belly. Soon she will get wet and her body will scream for release, but she has been ordered to observe only. The instructions were very clear: sit still in silence, don’t touch yourself and your reward will follow. The unspoken implication was also clear and Amy doesn’t want another night of no relief. So she sits still and observes.

Closest to her a woman leans back against another woman, her legs spread wide. Her eyes are closed and the other woman is holding a vibrator against her clit. Amy can see the fluid dripping from the woman’s cunt, can hear the increasing moans. Her body responds in kind: wetness is gathering between her own thighs now, dripping on the seat below her.

She averts her eyes, lets them wander around the room. But everywhere she looks she sees sex. A man has pushed a woman over a bar stool, pounding into her hard. The woman’s face is contorted in passion, her hand between her legs, no doubt rubbing her clit. Amy’s own clit is throbbing now. She doesn’t know how much longer she can stand this. The desire for sex – with anyone – floods her and she has to bite her lip not to whimper.

Then she notices him at the other end of the room. He must have just come in. Her Master. He catches her eye and smiles. Good, that means she is doing well. He doesn’t make a move towards her though, so she knows her trial is not over yet.

Suddenly someone is right in front of her. She looks up in the smiling eyes of a woman.

‘It’s hard, isn’t it?’ the woman asks. Then she puts out her hand. ‘Chloe,’ she says.

Amy nods but doesn’t respond or shake Chloe’s hand.

‘Of course,’ Chloe says. ‘No moving at all. You are a good girl.’

Amy’s body flushes with delight at those words. She doesn’t know who Chloe is, but she clearly knows Amy’s situation.

Chloe drags a chair forward and sits down, facing Amy. ‘The last test,’ she says.

Amy raises her eyebrows, still silent. Has Master arranged this, or is Chloe acting on her own behalf? She glances up and sees Master watching her, his eyes unreadable. He doesn’t interfere, so he must approve.

Amy look back at Chloe. She is sitting on the edge of her seat and when she catches Amy’s eyes she slowly spreads her legs. Amy’s gaze is drawn to Chloe’s cunt: smooth, shaven and already oozing with desire. Amy doesn’t dare look away, doesn’t want to show how much she wants to touch that beautiful cunt, push her fingers inside, lick up the wetness.

Chloe spreads her pussy lips with her fingers, then starts rubbing herself. She slowly spreads her wetness around, dips a finger inside briefly to draw more fluid out. She pulls back the hood of her clit and presses the little button between two fingers. Her breathing becomes laboured and soft moans escape her lips. Amy finds herself breathing in tandem with this gorgeous woman. When Chloe plunges two fingers inside her sopping cunt, it’s all Amy can do to hold back a whimper.

Chloe is leaning back now, her hands both working her pussy feverishly. Amy can’t tear her gaze away from the other woman’s cunt: the engorged lips, the erect clit. Then Chloe’s body shudders and she emits a harsh cry. Amy can feel the tension in her own body, the cry for release, but still she doesn’t stir.

Chloe slowly comes to and straightens up. ‘You are good,’ she says, her voice hoarse. She gets up and leaves Amy.

Amy is shaking and looks up to find Master standing right in front of her. He lifts her head by her chin and gazes into her eyes. ‘You have been a really good girl,’ he says. ‘And good girls get their reward. Come with me so I can give you the relief you crave.’

Amy stands up, her legs hardly able to bear her. Master leads her to the bedroom where she will finally find her relief.

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