Flash Fiction Friday – Rain

The rain took me by surprise; soaking me, drenching me. My carefully applied make up streaked my face. My hair, which I had spent an hour blow drying, lay flat on my head, dripping tendrils sticking to my neck. My silk blouse clung to my skin, making it obvious that I was not wearing a bra. What had seemed like a playful idea – the suggestion of a nipple under the fabric – had turned into a disaster. How could I enter the restaurant like this?

But he was waiting and I didn’t want to stand him up. He was a nice guy, maybe even had potential. If I pulled my soaked scarf down just so, I could be presentable enough in my drowned state. Most likely though he would take one look and run. I must look the way I felt: like a drowned cat.

I entered the restaurant and all eyes are suddenly on me. My scarf barely hid my nipples and I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I was surprised to be greeted with civility, I would have expected to be thrown out.

I looked around the small room and saw at once that my date had not arrived. I was late, so he really should have been here. Had I been stood up? After braving the rain to come here? My heart sunk and I smiled at the hostess, a hurt, apologetic smile. She smiled back and her expression is one of pity.

I tried not to cry as I left the restaurant, but humiliation stung my cheeks. I wrenched open the door and the rain looked even worse than before. It would be impossible to get a taxi at this time of the night, so I braced myself for a long walk home. It wasn’t like I could get any wetter though.

I squared my shoulders and stepped out from under the protection of the restaurant. I had gone two paces before I heard my name. Turning around I saw him there, coming around the corner, rushing. He looked as drenched as I. He was with me in a few steps, took one good look at me and then pulled me into his arms. He folded his arms around me, his body pressed against me hard and he kissed me hard. I didn’t even feel the rain anymore, all that mattered was his hands on my back and his tongue in my mouth.

Finally he pulled away. ‘My place or yours?’ he asked huskily. ‘Those nipples look like they need some attention.’

My pussy was soaked – and not from the rain. ‘My place,’ I answered and pulled him with me.

Summer 100 Sex blogger challenge

This post is part of the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge. Check out some of the other participants below.

I found several participants who blogged about crystal didlos and now I feel like getting one myself.

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Jazzmin talks about sex magick in her blog post and I kind of feel like trying that out. It sounds amazing. She also explains how you can use pleasure crystals in the ritual, which she sells at her website (the crystals, not the ritual).

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