Flash Fiction Friday – Sexy Fairy Tale

sexy fairy tale


Once upon a time, in a country far, far away, there lived a princess. She lived in a beautiful castle in a beautiful country. Unfortunately there was a curse on the country. The country hadn’t seen rain in two years. Crops withered and died and the people were going hungry. There was only one way to lift the curse: the princess was to experience a moment of ecstatic bliss and then the rains would fall again.

The king and queen had tried everything. They had brought in the best chefs to make the most sumptuous meals for the princess, but food didn’t provide her with ecstatic bliss. They had tried entertainment of all kinds, but the princess remained bored. In desperation the king and queen appealed to the witch who had placed the curse, but the witch wouldn’t give in. ‘You are trying the wrong things,’ was all she would say.

The princess looked at her parents in front of her, the misery radiating from them. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She wondered how they had ever conceived her. ‘She means sexual bliss,’ she told them. ‘I will need a man.’ She swept out of the room in order to avoid the horrified look on her parents’ faces. ‘Make that several men,’ she shouted over her shoulder, as an afterthought.

The king and queen sent messengers throughout the land looking for noble men to come and try to please the princess. Night after night, men came to the princess’s bedchamber. The princess enjoyed herself immensely, but none of the men was able to bring the princess to ecstatic bliss.

Time passed and the novelty of being fucked by a different man each night wore off for the princess. The rains still stayed away and the pressure of facing her hopeful parents every morning started to get to the princess. And the more she tried to reach that moment of ecstatic bliss, the less she enjoyed herself during her evening sessions until at last she decided to seek out the witch.

She set off in the morning, not telling her parents where she was going. The witch lived in a forest at the edge of the kingdom, a three day ride from the castle. The princess saddled her horse, had the cook pack her enough food for three days and she set off. She only took her maid whom she had taken into confidence.

On the third day the two women reached the forest. It was dense and dark, but the princess didn’t hesitate and spurned her horse on down the narrow path. Underneath the canopy of trees one could imagine being cut off from the world. The going was slow and when they got tired the princess decided to make camp.

‘One more night won’t hurt,’ she told her maid. ‘We will find the witch in the morning and then she can tell me what I am doing wrong.’

Her maid laughed, but quickly sobered up when she saw that the princess was close to tears. She sat down next to her and took her hand. ‘I am sure you are not doing anything wrong,’ she assured her mistress and friend.

The princess sighed and laid her head on her maid’s shoulder. ‘So many men,’ she whispered. ‘They were all good and I had a lot of fun with them, but clearly I never experiences ecstatic bliss. The rains have stayed away.’

‘There is so much pressure on you,’ the maid soothed. ‘Why don’t you lie down and let me comfort you?’

The princess, weary of chasing after the perfect orgasm, lay down. She sighed again – a sigh of contentment – when her maid slowly began to undress her. She willingly spread her legs for the woman, whose deft hands massaged her calves and thighs, making their way closer and closer to her pussy. The princess noticed with surprise that she was getting very aroused. Her pussy throbbed with the need to be touched – not by anyone, but by her maid.

Her maid bent over the princess and licked the princess’ erect nipples. Teasingly slowly she brought her hand closer to the dripping pussy. The princess relaxed, allowing her maid to do whatever she pleased. ‘I have never been this aroused before,’ she whispered.

The maid smiled to herself and slipped off her dress and underclothes. Upon seeing her maid nakedly displayed next to her a fever seemed to grip the princess. She reached out and fondled her maid’s breasts, the nipples standing out like peaks on mountains. And then her maid’s hand finally reached the apex of her thighs and the princess moaned when the maid’s fingers brushed over her clit. She imitated the movement, her own hand encountering the hot, wet folds of her maid’s cunt.

In that moment, the princess lost all abandon. She pulled her maid towards her and kissed her, her tongue probing the sweet tongue of her friend. She pushed two fingers inside her maid’s cunt, stroking and thrusting into the hot wetness. Her maid was equal parts rough and gentle, rubbing the princess’ clit in a way it had never been rubbed before. The princess closed her eyes and emitted a low moan as ecstatic bliss spread throughout her body. She felt her maid’s cunt contract around her fingers, her body going rigid. And then the wave washed over both of them and they moaned and clawed at each other, eking the last bit of pleasure out of each other.

The rains started as soon as they collapsed into each other’s arms. The witch, who had witnessed the display of passion from a distance, smiled to herself. The princess would never be the same after that night, and her maid stayed with her until the princess was made queen, upon which the princess married her maid and they loved happily ever after.

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