Sex toy review: Tantus Echo

Tantus echo in box

Tantus kindly sent me some products to review, among which the Tantus Echo. It’s the “regular” Echo, not the super soft one. It comes with a vibrating bullet and a slot for the suction cup, if you have one.

Like all Tantus’ products, the Echo is made of 100% non toxic silicone. When I started testing sex toys, I had no idea there was such a thing as toxic sex toys, so I am happy that 1) I got educated on what materials are safe, and what not and 2) Tantus ticks all the boxes for 100% body safe materials.

Head of Tantus Echo
Despite not being the super soft Tantus Echo, this dildo feels lovely and soft. There is a hard inner core, but the silicone itself is really soft to the touch and slightly flexible. It has great ripples: the head of the dildo repeats itself along the shaft, hence the name Echo.

The Tantus Echo is not massive: it has a diameter of 1.55 inches and an insertable length for 6.5 inches, which is perfect for me. It fills me right up without being uncomfortable and I have a bit of wriggle room so I can stimulate my G spot. I think the Tantus Echo would be classified as a beginner’s toy; keep in mind that I am quite tight and don’t like massive toys. The Tantus Goliath was a real stretch for me.

Tantus Echo with vibrating bullet
The Tantus Echo comes with a vibrating bullet which you can slip in the base of the dildo. I would suggest you use a bit of lubricant when inserting the bullet into the base of the dildo, otherwise you are going to have a very hard time trying to get it out. The bullet itself is quite strong actually. Considering the dildo is dense, the vibrations do travel throughout the base of the dildo and can be felt inside the vagina. I quite like anything that vibrates, so this is great for me. I can’t say it’s the strongest vibrator I have, but combined with the ripples down the length of the shaft, it creates enough sensation to get me off.

So…how did the Tantus Echo treat me? Before I acquired the Echo, my favourite dildo was my glass dildo from Ann Summers. While I still really love glass, the fact that this dildo can also vibrate brings it to the top of my favourite sex toys. I also love the fact that one side of the dildo is smooth and the other side has the ripples. I don’t always like feeling the ridges on one side of my vaginal opening when I thrust, so in that case, I can turn the dildo around and thrust that way.

Cleaning the Tantus Echo is very easy as well. The bullet is waterproof, so you can clean the dildo and the bullet with warm water and soap. I tend to use a cleaning wipe before use and water and soap after.

Keep in mind that you can only use water based lubricant with silicone sex toys and you should always make sure your silicone sex toys don’t touch each other when you store them. I store mine stuffed in individual socks (which kinda looks cute too).

The only quirk I found with the dildo was with the bullet: after prolonged use (say about half an hour) my bullet overheated and stopped working. I thought the battery (1.5 NV Type Battery) had died, but after I had cleaned everything and before I put it away, I tried the bullet again and it turned on no problem, so I think it just overheated.

On the whole I can recommend the Tantus Echo. Maybe not if you are size queen, as you will find this one a bit on the small side. But if you like smaller dildos like me with vibration and ridges, you can’t go wrong with the Tantus Echo.

You can get the Tantus Echo at Tantus for $55.77.

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