Sex toy review: Tantus Goliath

tantus goliath in package

Tantus kindly sent me the Goliath Midnight Purple for my review. The Tantus Goliath has two aspects which made me want to try it: it’s larger than the dildos I usually test and it has a suction cup. Especially the latter peaked my interest, as I love sex doggy style and with the suction cup I can have a hands free ride.


The Tantus Goliath comes in Tantus’ standard packaging. Transparent and easy to open, I like the fact that I can see my toy even without opening the packaging. What you see is what you get apparently, and that’s not a bad thing. You just have to make sure you open the box it comes in out of sight of the kids, so they don’t ask awkward questions. (This hasn’t happened to me yet, fortunately.)

Tantus Goliath with suction cup and bullet vibrator


The Tantus Goliath is a gorgeous dildo and it is indeed bigger than my usual dildos. It is by no means the biggest dildo out there, but I am quite tight, so I had to swallow my apprehension when I saw this dildo in the package. I wasn’t too afraid it wasn’t going to fit – it’s not THAT big – but it’s a step up from what I am used to. I guess I am making progress as a sex toy tester!

The Goliath Midnight Purple is dark purple as the name suggests, although that does not come out well in my pictures, I’m afraid. It is quite realistic with a realistic head (complete with a slight indent for the opening) and veins running down the shaft. I didn’t think I would like a dildo that would look like it was modeled on a real penis, but I have to say I really love the look of the Tantus Goliath.


The Tantus Goliath is made from 100% body safe silicone. The dildo is quite stiff, harder than my Tantus Echo. The finish is matte and a bit more rough than my other dildos, although “rough” sounds so bad. It’s just not as silky smooth as some of my other sex toys. This means that there is a bit of a drag when I insert it, so I need to use a bit more lubricant. Nothing to deter me from enjoying it though.

Tantus Goliath with bullet vibrator

The Tantus Goliath Midnight Purple comes with a bullet vibrator which you can insert. I do love vibrating dildos, although unfortunately the bullet vibrator inserts in the same slot as the suction cup, so you can either use the suction cup or the vibrator, but not both at once. The vibrations of the bullet are not extremely intense, but strong enough that they are quite pleasurable when the dildo is inserted. I don’t get off from just the vibrations though, they are just an added benefit.

Tantus Goliath with suction

Ease of use

As I said before, I am quite tight. Not problematically so, but I have quite a narrow pelvis, so I was initially slightly worried about this dildo not fitting. Luckily that wasn’t an issue. It was a tight fit for sure, but it did fit. However, trying to use it while it was sticking to the wall proved impossible. Because of the angle of my pelvis I was simply not able to insert the Tantus Goliath from the back. Fortunately I had more luck with it stuck to the bathroom floor and me riding it. The best thing about that was that I had my hands free for clitoral and nipple play.

At first I wondered if the Tantus Goliath is maybe a bit too heavy for the suction cup. As you can see in the picture above, the dildo is hanging down rather than staying vertical. But I tried it with the smaller Tantus Echo and that one did the same, so it may just be how it was intended.

Pleasure factor

Despite my initial misgivings about the tight fit, I really got on well with the Tantus Goliath. Especially when I was riding it I came much quicker than I thought I would. I could angle my body so the head of the dildo rubbed my G spot and it was the most delicious feeling. I even squirted, which doesn’t happen that often when I masturbate. I can’t thrust hard with it as that is uncomfortable for my vaginal opening, but gyrating around the dildo when it’s stuck to the floor is absolutely amazing.

Tantus Goliath standing up


As the Tantus Goliath is made of 100% silicone, it can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner. It can also be sterilised by boiling or bleaching, making it a very hygienic sex toy. It does pick up a certain amount of lint and dust, as is expected of a silicone sex toy, but I don’t find it too bad.


I am very happy that Tantus gave me the chance to test the Goliath. I was scared to buy it as I worried about going up a size, but it’s girth definitely heightens the pleasure for me once I manage to insert the dildo. It needs a bit of a warm up, but once it’s in it hits my G spot unlike any other toy I have tried so far. I love the suction cup with it, as I love having my hands free to play with other parts of my body. In short: if you’re like me and you’re quite tight, don’t be afraid of the Goliath. It’s the perfect step up from a beginner’s dildo and it would be a worthy addition to your sex toy collection.

You can buy the Tantus Goliath Midnight Purple directly from the Tantus website for $88.70.

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