Blogger spotlight: Kristin Hambridge

Summer 100 Sex blogger challenge

Today we welcome Kristin Hambridge to the blog. Kristin runs her own blog as a psychotherapist. Let’s hear it from Kristin.

What made you decide to start a sex blog?

I decided to start my blog because I am passionate about sex/sexuality/relationship education and I felt like it would be a great way to get accurate information out there! I am also a psychotherapist and felt like it would be a helpful way to provide general information to my current/future patients.

What, if anything, would you like your blog to achieve?

I would like my blog to reduce sexual shame and stigma, as well as accurately educate people around aspects of sexuality that they may have been misinformed about and/or not taught at all.

How much do you protect your anonymity as a sex blogger or are you quite open about writing a sex blog?

And if the latter, what kind of reactions have you received? I write my sex blog under my name, as it is part of my professional website where current and future patients can go and learn about the treatment I provide. However, I do not write about my own personal sexual experiences to maintain appropriate boundaries.. Consequently, I invite others to write for my blog to allow for a more personal approach to education.

If readers would read only one post from your blog, which one would you recommend (i.e. which is your favorite/most important blog post)?

I would say my favorite blog post thus far is, “The Honest truth About Cheating.”  I think it offered a different perspective on why people cheat, which is definitely a hot button issue for most people in relationships.

Do you have any advice for other sex bloggers?

I would say to make sure the information you provide is 100% accurate. In the U.S. we have such poor sex education that people are often looking to the internet for information. You want to make sure you’re helping not harming!

And finally, why have you decided to join Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge and are you really going to write 100 posts?

I’ve decided to join Summer 100 because it is holding me accountable for writing posts often! My life can get really busy and sometimes blogging takes a back seat, but now I’m in a good writing rhythm and can’t wait to continue with the challenge.

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