Let’s talk about squirting


I just realised I haven’t really talked about squirting on my site. I used to squirt a lot and with regularity. However, in the last few months it is almost as if I had lost the ability to squirt. Although I continued to have amazing sex, squirting remained absent.

I remember the very first time I squirted. I was early twenties and my then-boyfriend, now-husband, was fingering me. We had had lots of penetrative sex before that point in the evening, but I was super horny and wanted more. My boyfriend obliged and fingered me to an earth-shattering orgasm during which I squirted.

I was embarrassed when it happened, as I thought – incorrectly – that I had peed. Luckily my boyfriend knew a bit more about these things and assured me that no, I hadn’t peed, I had squirted. He was inordinantly pleased with himself, so I actually felt very proud of my achievement, even though I didn’t know how I had achieved it.

Throughout the years my ability to squirt remained. I seemed to be able to squirt better through stimulation of my G-spot, although occasionally I was able to do it through clitoral stimulation. I always had the most satisfying orgasms through squirting, I have to say.

Until a few months ago when my ability to squirt seemed to have deserted me. Despite having great, satisfying sex with amazing clitoral orgasms, squirting eluded me. At first it didn’t bother me, as it’s not like I squirted all the time, but after a while I started to miss it. And then, of course, I started to worry whether there was something wrong with me. Why did I all of a sudden stop being able to squirt? What if that ability never came back?

Of course when you stress out about something, you sabotage yourself. The more I worried about my lack of squirting, the less it happened. Until yesterday. We had sex and during penetration I suddenly had an amazing orgasm and I squirted. Imagine my delight! Even though we had to change the bedding, I was so happy that my squirting was back.

Looking back, stressing out about not being able to squirt was only half the reason why I suddenly couldn’t do it anymore. The other reason was that I have been very focused on clitoral stimulation lately and although I have on occasion been able to squirt through clitoral stimulation, it’s G-spot stimulation that gets me most of the time. Enjoying penetrative sex with hubby – and being caught in a hot fantasy – helped me relax about everything last night. Maybe it was this, maybe it was because I was super horny, I don’t actually know. All I know is that I squirted and I really enjoyed it.

I love that about sex, by the way. Even though hubby and I have been together for 21 years (gosh, that seems like such a long time!), our sex life is constantly evolving. Sure, sometimes it’s a bit less intense, others far more. It’s not a matter of every day is better than the last, but more that the more we get to know each other and ourselves, the more we can introduce different techniques to the bedroom (or living room as the case may be).

This is also a reminder to myself not to focus on one aspect of sex. Sure, clitoral stimulation can give me amazingly big orgasms, but sometimes it’s good to leave the toys be and just focus on hubby and hs cock sliding in and out of me. It’s never good to be stuck in a rut, and with how much variety sex can offer, there is no reason not to change things up every now and then. And if the result is a squirting orgasm, I can’t complain!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about squirting”

  1. Yay! You explain/describe it so well! I have never squirted, but so far I haven’t ever felt a halleluja moment when my partner or my toy located my g-spot, so from your conclusions this may be why its a ‘moby dick’ for me!!

    I did have a very odd moment with a clitoral stimulator just recently, which I may well blog about, which could have been my version of a squirt … hmm may have to try the same circumstances again to see what happens! Anyhow, a very interesting post, as ever!

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      Thank you! I would love to read your post about your “odd moment”, you have me curious now about what that might be!

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