I don’t like dicks

I don’t like dicks. There, I’ve said it. I always feel a bit weird about that. Many of my fellow sex bloggers write lovingly about how much they love dicks, whether it be their partner’s or just in porn (although NEVER in the form of unsolicited dick pics), but I don’t share those feelings.

I am in a heterosexual, monogamous relationship and I do love sex with my husband. I do appreciate his dick, but not as a body part on its own. I love giving him a blow job because I love giving him pleasure, not because I think his dick is so good looking. I wouldn’t appreciate it if he sent me a pic of his cock. It does not turn me on to see his erection by itself. Sure, if we’re together and I see or feel his erection before we have sex, it turns me on knowing he is aroused. But seeing a pic of his dick while I am traveling, for example, does nothing for me.

Neither do I care in any way, shape or form about porn in which men feature heavily. My preferred genre of porn is absolutely lesbian porn. I love seeing women pleasuring each other, and I love close ups of cunts. In fact, cunts turn me on whether I see them in porn or in picture form (although this is not an invitation to start sending me pussy pics).

It’s not that I am not attracted to men. For example, I love erotica featuring men, as long as the F/M ratio falls heavily on the side of F. I have always been in heterosexual relationships, so never really considered my sexual orientation until about a year ago, but I think it is safe to say I am bi. Which goes some way to explaining why I prefer cunts to cocks.

I guess I just don’t really get the visual appeal of the dick. It serves purpose and I am absolutely happy with what my husband can do to me with his, but women certainly have the prettier equipment when it comes to sex organs. Cunts are beautiful in my opinion: wet, glistening flowers with intricate folds and the sometimes shy bud of the clitoris peeking out. Which is why it is such a shame I can’t see my cunt unless I have a mirror. Men can look down and appreciate their dick, but unless you are super flexible, women can’t see their own cunts.

I feel good bringing this out in the open. For too long I have tried to change my view and like dicks, but to no avail. I will just embrace who I am and enjoy porn and pics featuring cunts.

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4 thoughts on “I don’t like dicks”

  1. O Isabelle – I agree totally. I am heterosexual, not even bi curious and I’d still prefer to see lesbian porn but my particular favourite is self pleasure! Dicks are functional and I love how they feel and giving my OH pleasure, but apart from that, I never need to see them! ***** Great Post!

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      Oh, good to hear that! I see so many sex bloggers wax lyrical over solicited dick picks and I started to feel there was something wrong with me.

  2. Definitely nothing wrong with you! Dicks are, in some ways, overrated I think and cunts are indeed much prettier…well most of them, I don’t like my own (how’s that for weird); anyway great post and great point too. Hell it’s a weird thing to say but I’ve been with my partner six years and never even seen their dick. But I love my sex life!

  3. As a man I have to agree that the male genitalia is nothing to behold IMO. I also prefer solo female masturbation videos for the reason Posy mentioned – its just so hot watching real women get off.

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