Sex toy review: Rocks Off Unihorn

unihorn in box

I saw pictures of the Rocks Off Unihorn float around Twitter for a while before Rocks Off contacted me asking if I wanted to review some toys for them. I immediately requested the Unihorn as it looks so gorgeous. I was thrilled to receive this one in the mail a little while later.

The Unihorn is a clitoral vibrator, a bit bigger than your standard bullet, but still quite discreet. I love how beautiful the colours are, I mean, you could even hang this up on the Christmas tree and no one would be any the wiser. It would look good in your handbag as well, what more could you want?

A lot more, of course. A vibrator does not only have to look good, but needs to do its work as well. And its work is to get me off. I am fussy about my clitoral vibrators, I like LOTS of power – deep, rumbly vibrations are my favourite. I feel like i am always harping on about this in my reviews, but I feel its important to point out what I like, as that will determine the tone of my review. Also, if you have a different preference for your sex toys, this can help you decide whether the toy I am reviewing is for you.

unihorn on its side

Anyhow, back to the Unihorn. The facts are as follows: it’s made of ABS plastic, is 100% waterproof and measures 4.5 inches. Its insertable length is 3.5 inches. It has 10 speeds and patterns (3 speeds, 7 patterns) and is pointed for targeted stimulation. It is operated by one AAA battery.

I am happy to report that I really liked this toy. I am not much for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, but I loved the shape of the Unihorn. And no, not actually for clitoral stimulation, I actually really liked stimulating the area of my vulva between my clitoris and my vagina. Together with a clitoral vibe or on its own it can make me come in ways I didn’t know were possible.


I love it when a sex toy can surprise me. I have tried a fair number of toys, though nothing compared to most sex bloggers, and I find a lot of them, especially bullet vibrators, tend to do the same thing. The Unihorn does, of course, do the same as a bullet vibrator, but the shape is what makes this toy such a winner for me. And, of course, the strength of the vibrations is nothing to be snuffed at.

For a battery powered vibrator – and one AAA battery nonetheless – this vibrator does its job very, very well. The vibrations are strong enough for my fussy pussy to be happy with. If you like pinpoint stimulation on your clit, the point of the Unihorn will definitely be able to satisfy you.

What’s not to like about this toy? It looks beautiful, works very well and the price is not bad either. You can get the Unihorn for £18.99 from Honour.

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