Flash Fiction Friday – Seducing Katie

She was gorgeous. Long, tousled brown hair, big green eyes and beautiful, smooth skin. I wanted to rip off her clothes and lick every inch of her skin, but I restrained myself. I didn’t want to scare her off; she had been shy enough coming up to my room with me. Instead, I took her face between my hands and gently kissed her delicious lips. She hesitated a moment before kissing me back. I opened my mouth slightly and she followed my example. Our tongues intertwined, played with each other, explored the insides of our mouths.

I pulled away, panting slightly. My panties were soaked and I hoped hers were too. She smiled shyly as I pulled her to the bed. We sat down and I pulled my shirt over my head. I didn’t wear a bra and my nipples stiffened in the cool air. Katie looked down and flushed at the sight of my breasts. I grinned at her.

‘Do you like them?’

Katie nodded and licked her lips.

‘Touch them,’ I encouraged her.

She tentatively reached out and cupped my breasts. I gasped at the sensation, but did not break eye contact with her. I could see that she was aroused as well.

‘Take off your shirt,’ I told her.

She did as I asked and revealed her perfect breasts. They were smaller than mine, with perk little nipples sticking out; rock hard pebbles that begged me to suck them. I didn’t waste any time; bent down and took one in my mouth. Katie moaned when I started sucking. She sagged against me, putty in my hands. I pushed her down on the bed and reached for the top of her shorts. It was a matter of seconds to unbutton it and I broke contact with her nipple to pull her shorts off. As I expected, her panties were sodden. They came off too.

I took the moment interruption to get undressed myself. Katie had wanted lesbian sex; I would make sure she got what she asked for. She needed to learn to give as well as receive.

‘Are you ready for this?’ I asked her.

She nodded. ‘Yes, I am.’

‘I will give you the biggest orgasms you have ever had, but you have to earn them. You need to make me come first.’

Her eyes were huge, filled with desire and a touch of apprehension. ‘Tell me what to do.’

I laughed. ‘I have the same bits as you,’ I said teasingly. ‘Whatever you do to make yourself come will likely work for me too.’

I lay back and spread my legs. Katie’s eyes fastened on my dripping wet pussy. I knew how it looked: smoothly shaved, with my swollen lips protruding. I could feel my whole pussy throb with anticipation.

‘Go on then,’ I said as she didn’t make a move. ‘Touch me.’

She tentatively reached out and touched my pussy. Her fingers trailed a path down my slit – feather light, teasingly. I sighed and spread my legs wider, pushed my hips towards her hand.

She looked up into my face. ‘Harder?’

I grinned. ‘Much harder. Don’t be afraid to spread my lips, find my clit. Explore my greedy cunt, can’t you see how much it drips for you?’

She blushed furiously and I grinned. If she had expected this to be all about her, she was wrong. It’s easy to have a woman go down on you, much harder to please one when all you’re used to is men.

I took pity on her and took her hand. I spread my pussy lips and slid her fingers through my juices, coating them completely. She kept motionless, letting me guide her, but not engaging yet. Her eyes were fastened on my pussy and she licked her lips. I pulled her fingers higher, towards my now aching clit. Katie started panting as I pressed her fingers hard against my clit, rubbing myself with her hand. She looked up and grinned at me, then pulled her hand out of mine and pushed my hand away. I groaned, but she returned to my pussy and pushed two fingers into my needy cunt. Her thumb found my clit and then all thoughts ceased. Her fingers inside me found my G spot and the combined increased pressure sent pure pleasure through me. I moaned and bucked against her hand, feeling my climax building rapidly. My cunt convulsed around her fingers and then my juices gushed out of me.

‘Wow,’ Katie said as I writhed and bucked on the bed. She leaned over me and kissed me. ‘Did I do well?’

I kissed her back, hard. ‘You were a very good girl,’ I said. ‘You deserve your reward.’

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