Can we overcome misogyny?

I call myself a feministI have started reading a book called I Call Myself A Feminist. This is not going to be a book review; I want to share some of my thoughts which were provoked by this book.

Misogyny is ingrained

The first essay already hit me hard. Titled Good for a Girl is Not Good Enough, Harar J. Woodland’s first words could have been written by me.

I am going to write this like a man. I could agonise over making it perfect, worrying about how to justify myself to every reader, or I could simply put across my opinion and write to a standard that’s good enough.

This resonated with me so much, and I am sure that many women would agree with the above sentiment. We are so used to think that as women, we have to do better, try harder, be extra sure that we have all our i’s dotted and our t’s crossed. So many times I have not spoken out, or given my opinion because I wasn’t completely 100% sure I was right. Only to hear a man say the same thing and be praised for it.

Misogyny is ingrained in society, in us. It’s not only the men who treat us differently, but we as women hold ourselves to much higher standards. Misogyny is so ingrained that we often don’t even realise how hard we are on ourselves, how much we put ourselves down.

Women have the power

We need to change this behaviour. Often we are overwhelmed by the scale of misogyny in society, but we can start small, with ourselves. I have started to act like a man recently as well. Given my opinion without fear, especially in the workplace. Shut out the voice of doubt, which tells me no one wants to hear me. Boldly pursued my dreams without seeking outside affirmation. I keep saying ‘I have less fucks to give’, but what I am really doing is what men have always done. I believe in myself. My opinions matter and I don’t need a man to tell me that.

women have power

Women have a responsibility

With great power… We women have a responsibility to each other. We have to stop competing and start lifting each other up. Tell each other we are amazing. Support other women, help them be bolder. And above all, we have to teach our young girls – daughters, nieces – that they can do anything they want. Be anything they want. We have to teach our young boys that girls have just as much potential as they do. In everything.

We’ll get there

I firmly believe that we can get there. That we can have a society that treats women and men equal. A society where misogyny is no longer the norm. But we will have to start with ourselves. Create small ripples which will eventually take over the whole pond.

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