The challenges of sex blogging as a mum

Sex blogging is fun. So much fun. I love testing sex toys and learning more about what I like in my toys, and I love talking about sex in general. The sex blogging community is also amazing, both through blogs and social media (in my case, Twitter). But being a sex blogging mum is not without its challenges.

I work full time. I have two children: one in secondary school and one in primary school. Working full time means that my blogging needs to take place on my lunch break at work (where I have to be careful that people don’t see what I write about (thank goodness for HTML code)) and at home after work. I tend to try to write while the kids are watching a film or doing their homework, but that’s not always possible. And even if they are watching a film, that won’t stop my youngest from peeking over and trying to read my screen. Yesterday, for example, he caught sight of part of a picture of a glass dildo and asked me what that was. When I answered evasively, he said he thinks it’s a model of a penis that a woman puts in her vagina. *sigh* I need to be careful with what he sees.

Testing sex toys while you are a sex blogging mum is also not very easy when you also work full time. Which is why I don’t test a lot of sex toys. I need to either do it at night when the kids are asleep or when I have the house to myself for a moment. And even that can be dangerous. I remember one Saturday morning when hubby decided to take the kids to the playground. I took the chance to test some toys, but hubby and kids came home sooner than expected, so I had to scramble to put myself together and clean my sex toys.

Taking pictures of my sex toys for the reviews is also a challenge. It’s not like I can just whip them out and photograph them when the kids are around. Which is why you generally see the same background in my pictures: my bed. It’s really the only place I can safely photograph the toys without being disturbed. I once took advantage of being home before hubby and kids and took a few pictures of my dildo in the living room. I heard hubby and the kids come home just as I was wrapping up my photo shoot. I didn’t have time to bring the dildo upstairs, so I stashed it in a box in the living room moments before my son walked into the room.

Close calls like this are unfortunately part and parcel of being a sex blogging mum. I have to be so careful where I write and unfortunately I don’t have an office where I can retreat to write my blog posts. I have become very good at clicking to an innocent web page when my kids are around. My toy testing usually takes place with hubby as I feel bad leaving him out when I play. In the grand scheme of things I don’t really mind. I love being a sex blogger and I can work around the challenges of combining it with all my other duties.

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