Sex toy review: Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2
Before my website went down Satisfyer contacted me to ask me if I wanted to review some toys for them. This was the first (and so far only) time a company had approached me for a review and I was really excited to be sent some toys.

I had heard a LOT about the Satisfyer toys and it was all overwhelmingly good news. Apparently women who normally struggle to orgasm had no problem getting multiple thigh clenching orgasms from this toy within minutes. As I don’t typically struggle to orgasm, I had visions of this toy giving me orgasm after orgasm in the span of a few minutes. I was excited.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is a rechargeable, waterproof toy. The head is made of body safe silicone and the handle is made of hard plastic. It is a clitoral stimulater which works by using suction. You place the had over your clitoris, making sure you create a seal around the clitoris, and then you let the suction do its work.

Satisfyer Pro 2 charging
The Satisfyer Pro 2 comes with a charging cable with magnetics which work quite well. I usually charge my toys inside the toy box with the cable hanging out (due to my youngest son having an infallible ability to find my charging toys) and the cable did not come undone even once. It was annoying to wait for it to charge, as I had wanted to use it right away, but the next evening I was finally able to try it out.

Satisfyer Pro 2 control buttons
I was so excited. I was going to have all the orgasms in a very short amount of time. How could that ever be a bad thing? Well…I have to admit that I really didn’t like the Satisfyer Pro 2 at all for the first couple of times that I tried it. The very first time I think I did something wrong, because it hurt rather than felt good. I did use a bit of lube to create a better seal, but I didn’t make sure it was only the clitoris inside the opening of the “mouth”, so to speak, and it just did not feel good at all. After half an hour faffing about with it, trying all different speeds and positions, I gave up, reached for my favourite vibrator and got myself off in no time.

Front of Satisfyer Pro 2

The second time I asked hubby to assist me. He has a better view of my pussy and clitoris, maybe he could attach the Satisfyer Pro better. By this time my expectations are lowered significantly and I don’t even expect to get an orgasm at all. Imagine my surprise when, after about 20 minutes of me lying there being bored, I was all of a sudden hit hard by a huge orgasm.

Now you are probably thinking “that’s good, isn’t it?” and yes, it’s nice to have a big orgasm. But it didn’t feel nice. I like some pleasurable build up to my orgasm. I like to feel the tension in my body rise until I think I can stand it no longer and then fall off the edge into bliss. This orgasm felt like someone wrote precise instructions on how to achieve an orgasm (“create blood flow to the clitoris”) and built a toy to achieve this. It felt very…scientific.

I have read one reviewer talk about the types of orgasms the Satisfyer Pro 2 gives you as forced orgasms, and that’s exactly how it felt. To me, there is nothing pleasurable about it and no, orgasm does not equal pleasure. What I want out of masturbation – or sex in general – is a whole body relaxation. With most of my other toys I can get that. The satisfaction lasts longer than the few minutes in which I have my orgasm. I walk around with endorfins running through my body and a grin on my face. While the Satisfyer Pro 2 gave me a big orgasm, as soon as the moment had passed I was left with nothing. It wasn’t satisfying at all.

It’s not all bad news though and the fact that my website was down and I had time to explore this toy a little more works in its favour. I have found a way to make this toy work for me. I love clitoral stimulation, but not in isolation. I need more of my vulva to be stimulated in order to feel good. If I use the Satisfyer Pro 2 with a bullet vibrator I have more success in getting a satisfying orgasm. It also helps to be very turned on and reading erotica or watching porn.

For me the Satisfyer Pro 2 will not be the toy I reach for automatically for a quick wank. I can’t get a satisfying orgasm with this toy alone. It works well after a nice, long masturbation session when I want to squeeze in one more orgasm. The Satisfyer Pro 2 will deliver as promised then, as my whole pussy will be satisfied then and that is a perfect moment for a thigh-clenching orgasm. But on its own it leaves me oddly dissatisfied despite the intensity of the orgasm.

In conclusion: I do think this is a good toy. It has been designed to give you an orgasm and for many women, it does exactly that. A quick, satisfying orgasm. But not for me and that’s okay. The problem with trying out a toy that everyone raves about is that it can make you feel broken if you don’t get on with it as well. But over the last few weeks as I have tried to come to terms with the fact that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is not going to be my favourite toy like it is for everyone else, I have come to accept that my body is simply different. I like my pussy pounded with hard vibrations and only when it has had enough of that will it take the delicate suction of the Satisfyer Pro 2. And that is fine. My body is great and will do its own thing.

I am sure that I will eventually get the hang of using the Satisfyer Pro 2. Until then it will be a good back up or to be used by hubby to finish me off completely after a good sex session.

You can get the Satisfyer Pro 2 at Betty’s Toy Box and it’s now for sale for only $69.99 (normally $89.99).

If you are in the UK, you can get the Satisfyer Pro 2 at Sh! Women Store for £70.

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