Sex toy review: Zumio

Zumio sex toy in box

I have heard so many stories about the Zumio. Many of my fellow sex bloggers have raved about it. Usually I get very sceptical when everyone seems to love a toy. I mean: surely not everyone can like this toy? What’s so special about it? It’s unassuming, almost unattractive.

The other thing that put me off the Zumio was the scary little pointy bit. I mean, yeah, the pointy bit is the whole point of the toy (pun intended), but it looks like it could hurt you, doesn’t it? And, I reasoned, I like broad stimulation, not pinpoint stimulation.

Until I didn’t. Our sexual likes and dislikes change over time. Too much of the same thing can get boring, so after a while you want to shake things up. So it was with me too. I loved broad stimulation for years and anything too focused on my clit made me cringe. But somewhere in the last few months that has changed. I started enjoying pinpoint stimulation more often and slowly, but certainly I got curious about the Zumio again.

Close up of Zumio toy

After all, my fellow sex bloggers who enjoy the Doxy also enjoy the Zumio; and both toys are vastly different. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try it. So many people have told me that it has become their go-to toy for a quick orgasm. And all of the sex bloggers who wrote glowing reviews about the Zumio are women I trust.

So finally I connected with Zumio and they agreed to send me the toy in exchange for a review. I have to admit that at this point I was still a bit hesitant about it. It’s SO pointy! I had never had a toy that precise before.

Zumio held in hand

I really loved the box the Zumio came in. I often say on here that I don’t care about packaging; I’m throwing it away anyhow, and that’s correct. I do throw away the packaging, because I simply don’t have room for it in my tiny house. So far I haven’t been able to bring myself to throw out the Zumio box; it’s really pretty.

I also love that it comes with a handy little bag to store the toy in. I have kids and despite hiding my sex toys very well, my youngest always seems to be able to find them. So having them in a storage bag that doesn’t immediately reveal what’s inside is a bonus. Plus, it makes it easier to bring the Zumio on trips with me.

The first time I tried this toy was with my husband. He loves helping me test out sex toys and normally I don’t have a problem with that. But because I was a bit apprehensive about this toy to begin with, I found it hard to relax and enjoy the experience. It also didn’t help that the box claims that you’ll have an orgasm “within minutes” as that created expectations and even more pressure. I did come eventually, but I wasn’t completely convinced I liked the toy.

Zumio with storage bag

However, I couldn’t just write off the Zumio like that. I needed to test it under all circumstances. So the next time I had some time for myself I picked up the toy again so I could try it out without pressure or expectations. I just wanted to play around with it and see how I liked to use it best. After all, there are more ways than one to stimulate a clit, even with a pointy toy like that.

One of the tips I received from Zumio (I believe I read it in a tweet?) was that if you find the oscillation of the tip too much, you can press down on it. The harder you press, the slower the toy will oscillate, which can take some of the buzziness away. It makes the stimulation less intense. I thought if I start by just circling the hood of the clit, and slowly make my way around and under the hood, maybe that would work better for me.

So I tried that and, boy, did that work! Once I was all warmed up and my clit was nicely enlarged I tried touching my clit directly with the tip of the Zumio. I can’t describe the amazing, intense feeling that resulted from this. It was mind-blowing. I came within minutes and so hard, I thought I was going to black out. None of the positive, glowing reviews I had read had exaggerated at all. This toy is amazing!

I love it so much that it has become my go-to toy when I want focused stimulation. If I want a quick orgasm I grab the Zumio. It’s not a toy I would use with my partner, simply because I’m very particular about how I want it to be used on my clit, and I’d rather do that myself than have to explain to him how to do it.

Zumio toy charging

In addition to giving me mind-blowing orgasms, the Zumio is also really easy to use. It has three buttons: on/off, up and down. The stimulation is through oscillation rather than vibration, which provides a different sensation. I don’t think I’ve ever used the highest setting on this toy, whereas with other toys, the highest setting is my default.

I also like how it charges, as you simply set it inside the charging station, which you can keep on your bedside table (or, if you, like me, have kids: inside my bedside cabinet), and you don’t have to worry about bumping the wire and inadvertently disconnecting the toy. It charges quite quickly too and holds a charge for a decent amount of time. Considering I use is all the time, it’s amazing I’ve only had to charge it once in the month or so I’ve had it.

So, in conclusion: the Zumio REALLY lives up to the hype. If you like pinpoint clitoral stimulation and you don’t own this toy, you are really missing out. It’s simply amazing.

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