The end of summer

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I can’t believe it’s September already, how has the summer gone by so fast? Sadly the end of summer also means the end of the Summer 100 Blog Challenge. This year we had 19 participants who actively posted blog posts during the challenge. I always appreciate getting to know new bloggers and this was an excellent way for me to read many new blog posts.

I didn’t participate in the Summer 100 challenge as much this year as I would have wanted. Last year I almost posted a blog post a day, but sadly I couldn’t sustain the same pace this year. I wasn’t really in the frame of mind to do so, and some opportunities for paid writing work meant that I had my plate full of work. Nevertheless I thought it was a very productive summer for me.

Now that summer is over, I will also be participating in the Share Our Shit Saturday (SOSS) initiative again. I felt that the Summer 100 Challenge was one big SOSS journey for me, so I didn’t post any other SOSS blog posts. But I want to continue highlighting other bloggers, even just for my own reading pleasure. Posting a SOSS blog post always means I “force” myself to read more blog posts. I say “force” because I ordinarily feel that I don’t have enough time to read other blogs as much, or I tend to forget to do so. Knowing I will do a SOSS post I then have more of a motive to read around.

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

Apart from the Summer 100 Challenge, I have also produced a number of paid writing assignments. I am guest blogger for Scarlet Ladies and have written 3 blog posts and a review of the first session of the Scarlet Self series, which you can read here. I also wrote a blog post for Divainner, a sex toy company and 2 of my erotic short stories have been accepted by a new publisher. These stories will be published on an erotic story app which will launch some time this autumn. I will let you know when it’s out.

The following months will be busy for me. I will have to train my new little pug puppy and we are moving house, which is always stressful and time consuming. So I apologise in advance if the blog slows down a bit during this time.

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