What is your fantasy?

I am really enjoying my sexual (re)awakening. As I have mentioned before on my  blog, I had some health issues which prevented me from really enjoying sex, but now they have been dealt with I seem to be unstoppable. It is as if I am trying to make up for lost time.

During my extended dry spell, I kept convincing myself that sex is really not such a big deal. I can do without. I’d rather eat chocolate. I needed to tell myself those things as otherwise I would have become depressed. But now that sex is on the agenda again, I realise how amazing it is and how much it means in my marriage.

Mr Isa and I have sex a lot these days. Considering we are both not that young anymore, have full time jobs and two young kids, it is amazing we find time and energy to do it so much, but all else sort of takes a backseat. Where before we would opt to watch a movie or just read a book, now we have sex. When Mr Isa is away I get my toys out and play (and then tell him about it). It’s fantastic and it has really brought us closer together again.

The other day I was feeling particularly daring and asked Mr Isa what his fantasies were. Partly because I was just curious and partly because I thought maybe I could make some of his fantasies a reality. It was a fun exercise and we both admitted some of our fantasies to each other. Which made me discover that Mr Isa reads erotic stories on the internet. No wonder he is so supportive of my journey into erotic writing. I guess I have found a new beta reader.

I grew up in a very conservative Christian household where sex wasn’t talked about. Sex was seen as something dirty, almost bad. I grew up with the impression that you should only have sex to procreate. It has taken me a long time to disabuse myself of that notion and to embrace sex as the wonderful, pleasurable activity that it is. To enjoy sex for the unbridled pleasure it can give me. To be unapologetic about being wanton and horny all the time. And to have sex as much as possible.

I will continue to celebrate my sexual (re)awakening and will write as much erotic fiction as I can.

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