Keeping the momentum

Life gets in the way of our plans and dreams sometimes. It is all very well to set out to become a writer when your life is just chugging along smoothly, but when your life is thrown into turmoil, it gets harder to keep the momentum. That is the place I find myself in at the moment. I had a strict plan drawn up for myself. I should have written three short stories for competitions right now, and have quite a good outline for my book, but it’s just not going according to plan. Real life has thrown a wrench in everything and set me back.

But no longer! I have written a short story this week that I am particularly pleased with and I have finished the character sketches for my next novel. I am trying to sleep more so I can get up earlier in the morning to write, as that is when I do my best writing. I will adjust to the chaos in my life, which luckily is only temporary. And it’s only Wednesday so I still have some week left.

As always I have to remind myself: writing makes me happy. It keeps me sane and, especially when writing erotic scenes, it keeps me horny. Why would I want to stop that?

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