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This is a bit of a different post than my usual, but I decided to participate in a Wicked Wednesday prompt, which this week is Driving Lessons. This is not going to be a sexy story, as I just want to share a bit about my life in this.

I learned how to drive in Canada. I didn’t even live in Canada when I started my lessons. I sat the written test and gave my (then) boyrfriend’s address as my own. After I passed the written test, I was allowed to drive, as long as I had an experienced driver in the car who could teach me.

My boyfriend had passed his driver’s test years before, so he decided to teach me. He was (and still is) a very good driver, but very critical of people who are not equally good. Driving with him made me very nervous and skittish, as I was terrified of doing something wrong. Not so much because he had a go at me if I did do something wrong, but more because all his criticisms of people out on the road stuck in my brain and I felt judged the whole time.

After a while, my boyfriend and I got married and I moved to Canada. I continued with my lessons and proceded to take my exam. Sadly, I failed. My hubby had taught me to drive too aggressively, so the examiner thought I should be more careful and scared on the road. I wasn’t careless in my driving, just confident, but the examiner didn’t think so. The next time I sat the test, I drove much more timidly and passed.

In Canada you have to take two practical exams, so once I had sat the first exam I was allowed to drive, but there were some restrictions. I can’t remember exactly what all the restrictions were, but one of them was that you couldn’t drive after 9pm. One night we were on ou way home from a wedding in Cape Cod and it was late. After midnight easily. We had wanted to drive straight through to Toronto, so we took turns driving and sleeping. When it was my turn to drive, a deer ran out in the road in front of me and despite my efforts to brake and swerve, I hit him. Hubby was asleep, so he woke up disoriented. Because I wasn’t allowed to drive after 9pm, I pulled over and we quickly switched seats. We called highway patrol to come and take the deer away, all the while stressed about what they would ask. They were not interested in who was driving or what had happened, merely asked if we were okay and took the poor dead deer away.

That incident still sticks in my mind. I since passed my second driving test and have been driving for years now, but I am still nervous if I have to drive at night on narrow country roads. The fear of hitting another deer is strong. I have also learned not to drive when tired. Better to pull over and have a nap than push yourself.

Some people love driving. My husband absolutely loves it. I hate it. I will drive if I have to, but I will avoid it wherever I can. I don’t know if it’s because my husband’s criticism of other drivers still sticks with me or whether the incident with the deer has messed me up for life, but I’d much rather bike, walk or even take public transit than drive.

Come to think about it, I find driving a very unproductive way of transporting yourself. When I walk or bike, I am at least exercising and when I take public transit I can either read or write, thereby making productive use of my time.

None of that takes away the fact that I am happy I did pass my driving test, as being able to drive does make life a bit easier.

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6 thoughts on “Driving away – Wicked Wednesday 308”

  1. I passed my test when I was 18 and have been happily driving ever since. I learned to drive in central London and I think maybe that means you can pretty much drive anywhere however that was years ago. My son is now driving and it won’t be long until it is my daughters turn. I have no idea where the years have gone


    1. Isabelle Lauren

      I spent most of my early years after getting my license driving in central Toronto, which was also quite hair raising. I don’t find driving difficult or even stressful, I just rather not do it.

  2. I love driving! I find it really enjoyable, however I also hit a deer once (well my husband actually as he was driving), and it put me off driving for ages. I was heartbroken – deer are such beautiful animals, I felt guilty for being a selfish human and driving to ensure I could get places quicker! I just wanted to ditch the car and go and sit in a field with the animals!

    PP x

  3. I can totally imagine how hitting that deer still stays with you after all this time. And, I am totally with you on driving being unproductive. I would much rather use public transport and be able to read or write, but it will take me about 5 times as long to get to my work or home if I don’t drive the distance. That’s why I am now listening to podcasts in the car, or audio books. That way it feels more productive to me 🙂

    Last, but definitely not least, WELCOME to Wicked Wednesday! So happy to have you here!

  4. I’m with Rebel – I listen to public radio or podcasts when I’m driving, especially if I’m driving long-distance, to try to make productive use of the time.

  5. I am sorry u had that dreadful experience of hitting a deer. I am with you about driving or being a passenger. So many better ways to travel. Lovely to see you enter a meme 😉

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