Wicked Wednesday: Passengers


A lot of people fantasise about joining the Mile High Club. Having sex several miles above the earth, what can be sexier than that? But the idea of cramming myself into a tiny, dirty plane bathroom to have awkward sex is not my idea of a good time. And furtively getting off in a crammed airplane seat is likewise no turn on.

No, my fantasies always take place on a train. Often an international train. I don’t know what it is, but trains really do it for me. I love the slower pace of a train, the ability to look out of the window and see the world go by. Not that trains are really that slow, but they are certainly not as fast as a plane.

Trains also have more space. More leg room. And in the case of some overnight trains, they even have beds. I would love to have sex on a train sometime. Preferably during the day, and preferably in a private cabin, as I am not really interested in being caught in the act, at least not in this fantasy. But what could be sexier than being passengers on a train, meeting each other in the bar or restaurant of the train and deciding to commandeer a cabin for a quickie? Or maybe a more elaborate session of sex, while the landscape passes by just outside the window. The churning of the wheels on the tracks can be our soundtrack, his hips thrusting in time with the rhythm of the train.

It’s a romantic notion of course, nothing more than that. Cabins on trains (do they even call them cabins?) are not comfortable or spacious. Passengers are mostly busy with their own stuff, stuck in a world of their own. Even on trains people travel in order to get to the destination nowadays, not to enjoy the journey. So in order to fulfil my fantasy of having sex on a train, I would have to bring a romantic partner. (I would anyhow, as I am in an exclusively monogamous relationship, but you get the drift.)

Maybe one of these days I will book a long distance train journey with my husband. We can cram into a small sleeping cabin on the train and have sex as we speed through country after country. It would be fun.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with more. I have never been able to get my head around sex on a plane! Trains though, well now you’re talking! I would also be up for a sexy train journey in a secluded private cabin 🙂

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