30 Day Orgasm Challenge – Year 2

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I can’t believe it’s April already! That came around so quickly, it’s amazing. And, of course, April is the 30 Day Orgasm Challenge hosted by Tabitha Rayne. Of course, despite the title of my post, this is not the second year Tabitha has run this challenge, but it’s the second year I am participating.

Last year I didn’t do too well with the challenge. I had decided to just join for fun, and I enjoyed the increase in orgasms I experienced, but life kinda got away from me and things didn’t pan out as I had intended. But this year I am determined to make it count.

The 30 Day Orgasm Challenge is intended to boost your mental health by practising self love each day in April. It’s not necessary to focus on getting an orgasm – sometimes these can be elusive and that can add stress, the opposite of what we want. I intend to use this challenge to connect with my body more, and practise self love.

This year has been very busy for me (and it’s only the beginning of April!) with some bad mental health days. I am slowly creeping out of the dark, which coincides with the days getting longer and lighter as well. As a result of my lower mood, my libido has taken a dip as well. Although my husband and I try to stay on top of partnered sex, because it’s important to our relationship, my self love has not been so regular. I really want to change that.

This year, Tabitha has 3 different ways to join in with the 30 Day Orgasm Challenge. You can either do the challenge itself, participate just for fun and see how many orgasms you can do, or you can practice mindful masturbation. Or you can do a combination of all three, of course. I have to admit I am very interested in doing the mindful masturbation, if only because I hardly ever really take the time when I masturbate. It’s often a quick chase after an orgasm.

However, recently I was abroad for a trip, which included a stay in a hotel. I generally take a few toys when I stay in a hotel, because what else are you going to do, right? But this time I thought I’d take my time (as I had a lot of it to kill), so I really got myself into the mood by reading some erotica and having a nice, long soak in the bath. When I finally started to use my toys, I deliberately went slow. I wanted to really focus on what I was doing and how that made me feel. And, reader, it made me feel AMAZING! I am not generally a very patient person, but in this case, my patience really paid off.

So this month I am going to make time for myself every day. I am not going to focus on getting orgasms – although I don’t doubt I will be able to have an orgasm a day – but instead I am going to practise mindfulness with my self love. I am going to try and love my body a little more every day and, hopefully, by the end of the month I will be back on track sexually. (Not sure what “on track” really means in this context for me, but at least feel less tired and “off” about sex.)

I won’t blog every day, but will check in periodically to let you know how I’m getting on. And do join in the challenge, even if it’s just for fun!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Orgasm Challenge – Year 2”

  1. Oh this is glorious Isabelle! I absolutely love staying in hotels for the very same reason 🙂 I always make sure there is a bath and bring some lovely toys too – what a way to start!
    Lots of love x x x

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      I don’t actually like travelling for work, but being able to masturbate to my heart’s content definitely makes up for the inconvenience of being away from my family and travelling.

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