Book review: Christine: Courtship by Aleson Alexander

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Christine: Courtship is a short romance story by Aleson Alexander. The blurb on the back of the book is as follows:

When Alex, a man who’s looking for something interesting in his life, meets Christine, a transwoman who’s withdrawn from human contact, she’s not very receptive. However, he knows what he wants and he’s persistent. After four months of non-dates, she agrees to a night in to watch the Wizard of Oz. A movie and snacks turn into much more, and the result is enough to get the police involved! What happens next is the whirlwind beginning of a story of transgender love that takes them on a journey they never expected.

Christine: Courtship is the first of four books of an epic trans love story. It’s funny, sweet, and poignant, while also being very romantic and steamy. It’s great for trans people, those who love them, and hopefully, something they’ll enjoy reading together.

I hadn’t read the blurb of the book before I started reading and, in my opinion, that was probably for the best. The blurb kind of gives away the fact that Christine is transgender, something that isn’t revealed in the book until towards the end. I liked that I didn’t know that Christine was transgender (although I did have a suspicion in the scene where Alex and Christine started kissing).

Christine: Courtship is the first in a series of four novellas. I’m not sure if I can even call it a novella – at only 48 pages it reads more like a longer short story than a novella. Maybe it would have been better to bundle all four stories into one book as a novella. It definitely felt that the story was only starting when I got to the end.

If you expect Christine: Courtship to be a steamy, erotic story, you’ll be disappointed. There is only one sex scene in it and it occurs at the end. But that doesn’t mean it’s a boring story. It’s quite nice to see the courtship between Alex and Christine and how well they are connecting. I wasn’t sure about Alex to begin with – his approach to Christine at the bar felt a bit aggressive, as he didn’t take no for an answer. But you soon get to know Alex better and he redeems himself by allowing Christine an out if she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore.

All in all, this was a cute little story. I’m not usually a fan of romances written from the point of view of a man, but Alexander manages to draw sensitive characters. As short as this story is, the characters are well defined and have good depth. Aleson Alexander definitely knows how to write and I’m excited to read more stories by her. You should definitely give this book a try if you like sweet, slow-burning romances.

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