Flash Fiction Friday – Sexy surprise


Carrying on with the theme of multi orgasmic women…

I tug at my dress and try to judge in the mirror whether it is too short. It doesn’t matter anyhow, it will come off soon enough. Michael is never able to keep his hands off me and despite always planning to go for dinner, we invariably end up on the living room floor, clothes discarded everywhere. We don’t mean to, but we can’t help ourselves. I smile as I try to guess what surprise Michael has in store for me. He has mentioned on the phone that he wants to show me something, something I would really like. It’s probably another sex toy. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex toys, but we have such an arsenal of them now, it would have to be a pretty spectacular one to impress me. Or maybe he has installed a pleasure swing. We always joke about it, but deep down I think he really likes the idea of one. I smile to myself. I wouldn’t mind that either. I hear that they are great fun. I wouldn’t mind being all tied up and have Michael swing me around in whatever position he wants me in. To be completely at his mercy. I get wet just thinking of it.
See, that is the problem, we are so good together. Michael is almost as insatiable as I. You read about these people in erotic novels, and you see them in porn and everyone always says, ‘Oh, that is not realistic, no man can go on that long.’ Well, Michael can. He can have three or four orgasms in an evening and it takes him a long time to come, so by the time he is finally done I have had at least ten. Or more, I never count them. All I know is that he is one of the very few men who can keep up with me. And even he has been flagging lately. Oh, I can’t complain, he can still go for an hour or two, but I often still want more. Michael is so spent by then that he doesn’t even have the energy to use his hands and tongue on me. I just leave it then, it seems a bit insensitive to start masturbating after your man has gone to town on you for two hours.

I arrive at his house in a state of arousal. Nothing new there though. As soon as Michael opens the door, his arms are around me and his mouth is on mine. He pulls me inside and we break the kiss.
‘Come, I want to show you your present,’ he says, pulling me along with one hand, the other already on my ass underneath my dress. I am not wearing panties and his finger briefly slides through my slit. He doesn’t say anything as he leads me upstairs and now I am thinking it definitely is a pleasure swing. He could have given me the sex toy in the living room. We don’t go into the bedroom, but make our way to the spare room. In the middle of the room, facing the bed, is a machine I don’t recognise at first. It looks a bit like a rowing machine, but it’s too high for that. Suddenly it clicks and my pussy floods with wetness. I move closer and see Michael has laid out the attachments on the bed. I run my hand along the various dildos, my juices now coating my thighs.
‘A fucking machine?’ I say as I turn to face him.
He looks at me expectantly. ‘Do you like it?’
‘Like it? I love it!’ I put my arms around him and hug him tight. ‘I want you first, though,’ I say and pull my dress over my head. ‘But I may take all night with the machine after.’
He pulls me to the bed and kneels between my legs. As his tongue finds my pussy, I sigh contentedly. I have the best lover.

The next morning, after a night of being fucked by Michael and the machine in turn, I can barely walk and my pussy feels numb from all the pleasure. But I know I will be ready for more in the evening. It’s a good thing the machine is at Michael’s house.

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