Multi orgasmic: blessing or curse?


We often hear about how difficult it is for women to reach an orgasm. Men seem to be able to come at the flick of a switch, but women need time and lots of stimulation. Such generalisations – as with all generalisations – are dangerous. We are all individuals and we all have different experiences.

Today I would like to discuss a different type of woman – the multi orgasmic woman. And before you all clamour that there is no such thing as a multi orgasmic women: pipe down. I know what I am talking about. Go read something else if you don’t want to believe that the multi orgasmic woman exists. For all you girls who know what I am talking about: gather round.

It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Imagine being able to come quickly – and come more than once, or twice, a session. No need to fake it, as the real thing is easy enough. Being able to go for hours on end, orgasm after orgasm. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

But is it really? Sure, being able to come a lot is great, I won’t deny it. And when I was younger – and hubby was younger – it was fantastic to be able to have sex all afternoon and night and still get orgasms. But lately I have noticed a downside as well. Neither hubby and I are getting any younger. Work, family and life get in the way of marathon sex sessions. While our sex life is certainly nothing to scoff at, hours-long sessions they are not. And for a multi orgasmic woman, that can be a problem.

Don’t get me wrong. I still get a lot of pleasure. I do get a lot of orgasms and I really can’t complain. But I hardly ever reach that saturation point. That moment where I really cannot bear another orgasm. Where I pass out from all the pleasure I have received and fall into a deep, satisfied sleep. And that is the curse of being multi orgasmic: it takes so long to be completely satisfied to the point of exhaustion. Not because we can’t have orgasms, but because one is never enough. I keep reading erotic books where women reach that one climax that puts them over the edge and they fall into a contented sleep and…yeah, that never happens to me. I do reach a climax, but then I can either stay there for a long time, coming down only slightly and then get back up again, or I take a mini break and am ready for another ten of those orgasms. But by then, it’s an hour later, hubby is tired and I feel guilty to demand more from him. Besides, I have to work the next day and will need to sleep at some point. So I give up, go to sleep and wake up the next morning craving more orgasms.

Despite the drawbacks of being multi orgasmic, I still think it is a blessing rather than a curse. Sure, it has drawbacks, but when we do have the time to have sex all day, it is heavenly. I can masturbate without feeling guilty or without diminishing my ability to have orgasms later on. And it’s fun for hubby too: he is rewarded with an immediate response from me and playtime isn’t over until he says so. “Headache” in our household is never synonymous with not wanting sex.

So, girls: if you are multi orgasmic, what do you think? Is it a blessing or a curse? And how do you cope with your (almost) unlimited ability to have orgasms? Let me have it in the comments!

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