Flash Fiction Friday – The boss

I catch my boss glance in my direction and I fidget in my seat. I have been horny all morning, after having had a particularly hot dream about him. I can’t help my mind wandering now. I keep my eye riveted to my computer screen, pretending to be busy reading an article, but my mind is far away.

I imagine my boss asking me to see him in his office. He closes the door behind me and turns to face me.
‘Anna, you know why I have called you in my office,’ he says.
I nod mutely.
‘Your numbers are less than satisfactory. What am I going to do with you?’
I tremble slightly, but I am not afraid of him. ‘I guess I deserve to be punished,’ I say.
He smiles. ‘That is right. I want you to bend over the desk.’
I do as he asks and I can feel my panties getting soaked. I am wearing a very short skirt with stockings and high heels. An outfit I know he likes.
He moves to stand behind me, bending over me, his hand on my calf. I shiver with anticipation.
‘You are such a disappointment,’ he says, his hand trailing higher over my leg, past my knee, and over my thigh. ‘I cannot let this failure go unpunished.’
He cups my ass cheek, his fingers dipping slightly between my legs, touching my pussy. I shudder and try to push my cunt harder against his hand, but he roughly shoves me back against the table.
‘Don’t move.’ He suddenly slaps my ass, hard. I yelp with surprise, but the sting is pleasurable and only succeeds in making me more aroused.
He reaches under my skirt and pulls off my panties. Rough and quick, I can hear them tear when he pulls them off me. Then he stands back.
‘Turn around and spread your legs,’ he commands.
I do as he says.
‘Wider,’ he growls. ‘Sit on the edge of the desk so I can really see you.’
I lift myself up and pull my legs wider apart. He stands in front of me, his gaze fastened on my cunt.
‘Show me how wet you are.’
Oh, I am wet all right. I am so wet right now it is dripping on the top of his desk. Using my fingers I spread my pussy lips to show him my wet core. I can see he has a massive erection and I want him now. I want him to take me. But he will make me wait for it.
‘Get started,’ he says. I look up at him, momentarily confused. ‘Go on, touch yourself, get yourself started.’
I realise what he wants and I blush furiously. I have never masturbated in front of anyone before. I rub my fingers over my slit, marvelling once again at how wet I am. My cunt is smooth and silky with my juices and it doesn’t take me long to find my clit and start building my climax. He is looking at me, but I have forgotten my shyness. I am too aroused. He has taken his cock out now, it’s long and thick and I want it, but I know better than to ask for it. I put two fingers inside and find my G-spot. I can no longer contain myself and moan loudly as I feel myself getting closer to the edge.
‘Stop,’ he says. I still my hand with difficulty and whimper, but he merely smiles. ‘Not yet. Come down and suck me.’
I slide off the desk, my feet barely able to support me, and I fall to my knees. I take him deep into my throat, just the way he likes it. He grabs my hair and moves my head at the speed he wants. I keep up easily, but my needy cunt is screaming for more. I was so close to the edge, my cunt is aching for release.
Finally, he pushes me away and pulls me to my feet. Without a word, he turns me around and bends me over the desk. He spreads my legs and then his fingers are on my cunt, opening me, before he shoves his cock inside me. He is big, his cock stretches and fills me, but my cunt is receiving him with delight. He slams into me and pounds me hard, pushing me against the desk with each thrust. My clit rubs against the hard edge of the desk sending lightning bolts of pleasure through me. He holds me still with one hand at the back of my neck and the other on my hip, so I am powerless to escape his thrusts. I come hard, my cunt contracting around his cock, my juices gushing out of me, but he doesn’t stop until he comes too, shooting his hot load into with a shuddering sigh.
Then he straightens up, fixes his clothes and pulls me upright. ‘That will do for now,’ he says, pulling my skirt down and opening the door. ‘Don’t disappoint me again.’
I walk back to my desk on shaky legs, our combined juices dripping down my thighs.

I come back to reality, conscious of a deep ache between my thighs. I grab my handbag and disappear to the ladies’. Time for a bit of relief with my bullet. Work will simply have to wait.

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