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My sex blog started out as a mixture of personal confessions and ramblings about sex and sex toy reviews. I reviewed quite a few sex toys, although nothing in the region of more seasoned sex toy reviewers. I really enjoyed reviewing sex toys in the beginning, but after a while the allure wore off a bit.

During my spate of sex toy reviews, I found out that I have a fairly narrow taste in sex toys. Not for lack of trying, but more because my body didn’t really seem willing to cooperate with the various shapes and forms of sex toys I tried. I seemed to be getting back to clitoral stimulators while trying in vain to find that insertable toy that would really make me come. I have a few I like, but none that blow my socks off.

So I scaled down the sex toy reviews. It was also a lot of work and I didn’t really seem to get much out of it. After a while I found all the mediocre sex toys were taking up too much space in my house and I soured a bit on the experience. It was easier to fling down my feminist thoughts and musings, or write some fiction. I guess I was stuck in a bit of a catch-22. I couldn’t really get the bigger companies to send me good toys I would enjoy until I had built up more of a name for myself, but I didn’t want to put in the hard work of reviewing mediocre toys to build up said name. And so I stopped reviewing sex toys.

Until I actually reviewed more than a few sex toys, I didn’t realise how much is involved in reviewing them. Not only do you have to test them thoroughly – something that may sound like fun, until you realise very few sex toys get you off – but you have to take good quality pictures of them as well. And then you have to write the article, of course. Maybe if I didn’t have kids and I had more time to thoroughly try out sex toys, I may have continued with it, but as things stand now, I rarely review sex toys anymore.

Sex toy reviewers are very important though. There are so many different sex toy companies out there and a sex toy is not something you can try out before you buy it. So many sex toys are utter rubbish, but when you are new at sex toys you don’t know what will work and what won’t. Sex toys can be almost prohibitively expensive, so there is the temptation to buy a cheaper toy to start out. Cheap sex toys are almost always bad, so there is a high chance this toy is going to disappoint, and this in turn can put someone off buying any more sex toys.

This is where sex toy reviewers come in. They can provide an honest review of a certain toy. Most sex toy reviewers will not only tell you what they think of a certain toy, but also why they had that certain experience with this toy. Because we all know that every body is different. I, for example, don’t really like deep penetration, so big, long, girthy toys would get a bad review from me. But someone else may love deep penetration and I will always provide enough information in my review that people can make the decision whether the toy will work for them or not.

Writing a good review is difficult. Even a negative review needs to be good. Super Smash Cache wrote a really good review of the Mystery Vibe she didn’t like at all, but it’s informative and also funny. Whereas A Mess of Reviews reviewed the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples and absolutely loved it, and she also explains why. Sex toy reviewers also alert their readers of toxic materials that may have been used by certain sex toy companies, something that is very important to know as well.

I may not write a lot of sex toy reviews anymore, but that does not mean I think sex toy reviews are useless. I could have done with some sex toy advice when I bought my first sex toy, but luckily I found the sex toy review community before I bought more toys. My thanks to all sex toy reviewers and keep up the good work!

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2 thoughts on “The importance of sex toy reviewers”

  1. This post feels like a love letter to my work as a sex toy tester!
    I’m exactly the opposite: I enjoy more writing toy reviews than erotica or personal posts. But yes, it’s truly hard work! However, 99% of companies truly respect my efforts.

  2. Before I started my blog I only read Lovehoney reviews. I never realised how limiting that was as there product range certainly doesn’t cover close to the full range of toys out there. I completely agree in that they are important, sex toys are an investment that a lot of people spend a good chunk of money on. Much better not to waste our hard earned cash!
    Aurora x

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