Masturbation Monday: Mistress knows best

I stood in front of the mirror and surveyed myself. The new set was gorgeous: deep red sheer flowing top with slits for my breasts to peek out and a matching thong which was more string than cloth. It was silly, really, to dress up like this when the clothes never stayed on my body long, but I loved to parade around the room in them. And this latest set was the best I had ever looked.

I couldn’t help myself and slipped my hand between my legs. I was soaking wet, my fluids barely contained by the few pieces of string adorning my cunt.

I heard a sigh behind me and saw Mistress look at me in the mirror. The smile left my face and I felt my body flush with a hot glow. Mistress approached me and I turned around to face her.

“So you like the new set, do you?” she asked quietly.

I nodded. My voice had temporarily left me.

“Take it off.”

I gasped, but I knew protesting would be futile. Mistress knew what she was doing: and I was being punished for gloating about how good I looked.

Mistress moved around me and lifted the sheer top over my head. I allowed her to undress me. Her hand lingered on my cunt and I knew she would not be happy with the fact I was soaking wet.

I was right. “You’re a little slut, aren’t you?” she asked in a pleasant voice. I knew her well enough to know her tone spelled trouble for me. She pressed two fingers inside my hot cunt and I suppressed a whimper. “You’ll wear the collar tonight,” she whispered, her breath hot on my neck. “Nothing but the collar.”

I hung my head and allowed her to fasten the collar on me. Then she led me out of the room.

The hall was full with people; it was busier than normal. Mistresses were leading their slaves around the room, but I was the only one who was naked. Heads turned our way as Mistress led me to the middle of the room. To the table.

I couldn’t help the shudder that ran through me when seeing the table. It had been a long time since I had last been shackled to it. So that was going to be the punishment, was it? I swallowed. I would do Mistress proud, and maybe she would reward me afterwards.

Mistress pushed me onto the table. I lay flat on my back and allowed her to shackle my hands above my head, my legs bent back to expose my cunt to the room. We were already attracting quite a crowd. Most of the men present knew me and most of them would relish a turn in my wet, hot hole.

Mistress ensured I was comfortable before turning to our audience.

“My slave has displeased me today, but this is to your benefit. I usually restrict access to her, but tonight she will service as many of you as I say. So form a queue; tonight she has two holes to plug.”

It didn’t take long for the first men to approach me. One at my head and one at my cunt. Two cocks to service. Wasn’t I a lucky girl?

Mistress wasn’t entirely cruel. She knew I loved cocks and I hadn’t had a chance to be gang banged for a long time. That was one of the drawbacks of being a highly valued slave: access had become restricted and I got less cock than I wanted. But my minor transgression earlier in the evening gave Mistress the chance to watch me take as many cocks as I could. I just hoped I would make her proud.

I lost track of the cocks I serviced. At last, Mistress called a halt to the procession, but she had another surprise in store for me.

“Ladies, your chance to make her come,” Mistress called out.

I gasped. This was completely unexpected. Mistress had never allowed another woman to touch me. I moaned when I felt the first tongue lick my swollen, well-used cunt. Women kissed my nipples, my neck, my face. Women gently fingered my cunt and my clitoris until I came, crying and shuddering with the unexpected intensity.

Only then did Mistress release me from the table. She took me back to her rooms and allowed me to service her.

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