Sex toy review: Satisfyer 4 Couples

Satisfyer 4 Couples in box

Satisfyer just keep churning out new toys. They are very generous in sending them out to reviewers and sent me 3 of them. I have already reviewed the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration and today I will let you know what I thought of the Satisfyer 4 Couples.

I have to admit that the first two Satisfyer toys I tried didn’t rock my boat. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin was a bit better, but I wasn’t a Satisfyer convert by any stretch of the imagination. You might wonder why I agreed to test this new batch of toys and I have to say it was more out of curiosity than anything else.

Satisfyer 4 Couples side view

The Satisfyer 4 Couples is smaller than any of the other Satisfyer toys I have seen (apart from maybe the Whale). It’s shaped as an L and the smaller arm vibrates and can be inserted. Like the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration , the Satisfyer 4 Couples has 2 separate buttons for suction and for vibration, so you can opt to either have suction, vibration or both. I am greedy, so I always want it all, especially if the functions stimulate different parts of my pussy.

Satisfyer 4 Couples in hand

The insertable arm of the Satisfyer 4 Couples is not exactly very small. I mean, it’s not huge, but considering the idea is that your partner’s penis also penetrates you, it’s quite big. For me at least. There was NO way that my husband could enter me while I had the Satifyer 4 Couples inserted as well. Which was a shame, because I really wanted to see how it would all work logistically. The handle part with the controls is quite bulky, so even if hubby had been able to fit into me with the toy, I don’t see how we would be able to have sex comfortably. It would seem that the toy would get in the way between our bodies. (We like to be quite close while having sex.) I also fail to see how the suction part of the Satisfyer would stay in place, as you have to be quite careful to maintain the suction on your clit.

So maybe the Satisfyer 4 Couples isn’t really a success as a couples’ toy. Or at least not with me. Other people may have a different experience, of course. I can only speak of myself. But this does not mean that the Satisfyer 4 Couples is a bad toy. Oh no, not at all. In fact, I think that I like this toy the best of all the Satisfyer toys I have tried and I may even have fallen in love a bit.

Satisfyer 4 Couples controls

My complaint with the original Satisfyer toys I tested was that I didn’t really get much sensation from the suction on my clit alone. It wasn’t that I didn’t get an orgasm, but I felt slightly frustrated as there was no build up, just a long time of boringness and then a sudden orgasm. With the Satisfyer 4 Couples this complaint has been taken away. The little vibrating arm that you insert hits me just right for the best stimulation. The vibrations aren’t exactly deeply rumbly, but they are not annoyingly buzzy either. And Satisfyer must have changed something on the suction as well, as I can feel it much better on my clit now.

Orgasms from the Satisfyer 4 Couples don’t feel forced. I can build up and even edge by slightly shifting the toy around. The first time I tried it, I got a huge, earth shattering orgasm that left me shuddering and curled up in a ball. And that’s a good thing. I finally experienced what other women always praised in the Satisfyer.

Satisfyer 4 Couples charging

In conclusion, I love the Satisfyer 4 Couples. It really works well with my preferences, even though I can’t use it as intended. The only (small) quibble I have is that it is quite difficult to use by myself. I can’t see the controls when I have inserted the toy, so I need to set it all up before I attach it to my vulva and then I have to make sure not to shift it. But hubby is always happy to assist and as I am a firm believe in “practice makes perfect” I am just going to have to try it more often.

You can get the Satisfyer 4 Couples at Sh! for £65.00.

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