Sex toy review: Satisfyer Balls

Satisfyer Balls in box

I’m terrible at remembering to do my Kegel exercises. They are so important though, especially since I have had a hysterectomy. I used to use my Lelo Luna Love Beads, but I found them a pain to wash and store, so I stopped using them out of sheer laziness.

So when Satisfyer sent me the Satisfyer Balls, I was quite excited. They make three versions: the Power Balls, the V-Balls and the Strengthening Balls. I decided to review the Power Balls and the Strengthening Balls.

Satisfyer balls on bed

The Satisfyer Balls come in packs of three. Each colour is a different weight ranging from the blue being the lightest and the dark pink being the heaviest. It is, therefore, a proper training set. You can start with the lightest ones and work your way up to the dark pink eventually when your pelvic floor muscles are really strong.

I tried the Power Balls first. These Satisfyer Balls contain a weight inside that moves around, providing some very pleasant vibrations when you walk. What I like about the Satisfyer Balls (over the Luna Beads) is that it’s all made of pure body-safe silicone. There are some shallow ridges, but overall the Satisfyer Balls are very easy to clean. They are, naturally, completely waterproof, so I wash them before and after use with warm water and soap. You have to pay attention to the spot between the strings, but other than that, the Satisfyer Balls are easy to clean.

Satisfyer Power Ball in hand

The Satisfyer Power Balls are not particularly big. I’m quite tight and dislike anything too big inside me, especially if I have to walk around, but the Satisfyer Power Balls are just the right length. Using a lot of lube, they slide in easily and once in place they feel quite comfortable. The vibration when you walk adds an extra zing of excitement and I find myself moving around more than I need to when I wear these balls. I try using them when I take the dog for a walk, which makes dog walking a lot more interesting!

The only downside of the Power Balls is the string. It’s quite thick and as it hangs outside your body, it can feel a bit uncomfortable at first. You get used to it quite quickly though and after a while, you barely feel it. Also, if you wear tight underwear and you position the string just so, you can get a bit of clitoris stimulation with it. Not enough to provide pleasure, but enough to make you very horny.

Satisfyer Strengthening Balls

The Satisfyer Strengthening Balls are slightly different in the sense that they are a single ball rather than a double one. The balls come in a variety of weights, just like with the Power Balls. The Strengthening Balls don’t vibrate, so it’s less exciting to wear them. I also find it a bit difficult to insert them. Maybe because my hands will be all slippery from the lube and the roundness of the balls makes it hard to keep hold of them.

All in all, I am really happy with the Satisfyer Balls. I think I prefer the Power Balls over the Strengthening Balls, but that’s just my personal preference. I like something that’s a bit narrower but still feels like it fills me up. I also prefer the vibrations when I walk around. I love the ease of cleaning both sets of balls and the fact that I can go two weights up still. I can heartily recommend them.

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