Sex toys: so much more than a tool to get you off

sex toys

If you have followed my blog for a few months and follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have really gotten into sex toys since starting my blog. Not only because I like testing and reviewing it, but also because I like using them myself.

Couple’s play

I started using sex toys with hubby. We purchased the first sex toy together, the Ann Summers Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg. Hubby had always wanted to buy me one and when my libido came back, I was open to trying it. We both fell in love and bought a few other toys to play together. Having fun together and enhancing our couple’s play was the main driver for us getting sex toys and it worked (and still works) very well.

Tantus rumble unusual shape

Solo play

From couple’s play I moved into solo play. I’ve always like masturbating and think it’s a great way to enhance your sex life. Sex toys absolutely increase my pleasure during solo play and I reach bigger orgasms faster with sex toys, especially if I don’t have a lot of time (for example in the shower in the morning). Not that I always need them to get off, but it’s definitely a lot easier than just using my fingers.

Self discovery

While sex toys are great for self pleasure, they are even better for self discovery. Playing with different kinds of sex toys will give you different kinds of pleasure. It’s a great way to try something you have never tried before. Or to try something you have always wanted to try, but have been afraid to ask a partner to do for you. The beauty of being a sex toy tester is that you get to try toys you wouldn’t ordinarily have picked, as they may surprise you. But even if you are not a sex toy tester, buy a few toys and try something different than you normally would. Always go straight for the clit? Try stimulating your whole pussy and not go straight for what you know is going to get you off. Play around. Sex toy testing has forced me to play around a bit more, as I like to test the full functionality of a toy, but anyone can do the same. The more you know what you like, the better your sex life will be!

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