Book review: Christine: Courtship by Aleson Alexander

Christine: Courtship cover

Christine: Courtship is a short romance story by Aleson Alexander. The blurb on the back of the book is as follows:

When Alex, a man who’s looking for something interesting in his life, meets Christine, a transwoman who’s withdrawn from human contact, she’s not very receptive. However, he knows what he wants and he’s persistent. After four months of non-dates, she agrees to a night in to watch the Wizard of Oz. A movie and snacks turn into much more, and the result is enough to get the police involved! What happens next is the whirlwind beginning of a story of transgender love that takes them on a journey they never expected.

Christine: Courtship is the first of four books of an epic trans love story. It’s funny, sweet, and poignant, while also being very romantic and steamy. It’s great for trans people, those who love them, and hopefully, something they’ll enjoy reading together. (more…)

New year, new adventures: the end of sex toy reviews

It’s not quite a new year yet, but I generally take this time at the end of the year to reflect on what I have accomplished and look ahead to what I want to do in the new year. This year has been very busy for me. I have finished two books, self-published one and found a new job. It’s been quite the year and next year will hold a few changes for me (not the least of which is the new job). (more…)

Sex toy review: Satisfyer High Fashion

Satisfyer High Fashion

A while ago Satisfyer launched their luxury brand. The three toys launched in the brand are made with genuine leather and precious metals. I actually really liked the look of them and I was lucky enough that Satisfyer sent me two of them: the Satisfyer High Fashion and the Satisfyer Pret a Porter. As I am scaling down my toy reviews, I sent the Satisfyer Pret a Porter on to my friend Nikki from Love Is A Fetish and decided to review the other one myself. (more…)

A Decade in Pointless Stats

It’s the end of a decade, as I am reminded any time I open Twitter. Everyone seems to post blog posts or Twitter threads about how awesome their decade has been, how much they have achieved and how many things they are grateful for. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but for people – like me – who can barely remember what they have done last week, let alone the last 10 years, this can be intimidating. (more…)