It’s giveaway time!

I am moving house soon and I recently reached 1,000 followers on Twitter, so to celebrate I am holding a giveaway. I have three great prizes, thanks to some generous companies who have given me these toys in the past. You can enter for all prizes or for just one, it’s completely up to you. Thank you all for supporting my blog! Continue reading “It’s giveaway time!”

Why good sex education is important

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

The theme for the sixth and last round of the Summer 100 Blog Challenge is Sex Education. Sex education seems to be a hot topic, both in the UK and in the US. Sadly, the people clamouring the most about sex education are the people who want to limit what our children will learn about sex. And that is a bad trend. Continue reading “Why good sex education is important”

Wicked Wednesday: Passengers


A lot of people fantasise about joining the Mile High Club. Having sex several miles above the earth, what can be sexier than that? But the idea of cramming myself into a tiny, dirty plane bathroom to have awkward sex is not my idea of a good time. And furtively getting off in a crammed airplane seat is likewise no turn on. Continue reading “Wicked Wednesday: Passengers”

The importance of sex toy reviewers

sex toys

My sex blog started out as a mixture of personal confessions and ramblings about sex and sex toy reviews. I reviewed quite a few sex toys, although nothing in the region of more seasoned sex toy reviewers. I really enjoyed reviewing sex toys in the beginning, but after a while the allure wore off a bit. Continue reading “The importance of sex toy reviewers”

Fun in the library

This is a continuation of last week’s sexy Masturbation Monday story. You can read this as a stand-alone story, but why not treat yourself to both hot tales?

woman in library

I had had a hard time concentrating on my work the next day. The librarian looked up when I came in, a smile on her lips. She was wearing a name tag today – Katy. Her name wouldn’t leave my mind all morning and my cunt flooded with anticipation. Continue reading “Fun in the library”

Wicked Wednesday: Lust



The theme for Wicked Wednesday 321 is lust. I had promised myself I would enter into the Wicked Wednesday and Masturbation Monday memes more often, but I wasn’t prepared for the theme of lust. It would have been easy to write another fictional story for this, but I thought I’d write down a few thoughts about lust instead.  Continue reading “Wicked Wednesday: Lust”

The librarian

Blogging is going slowly these days, I have a lot of personal stuff going on. As it has been a while since I posted some fiction, here’s a little story from me, which taps into my interest in voyeurism. If you enjoy erotic fiction, check out my fellow Summer 100 bloggers E.T. Costello and May Moore. Continue reading “The librarian”

Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness

tangled limbs

A few days ago I wrote about how hubby and I keep our relationship going. Since posting that article, I had a few more thoughts on the subject. And in particular around relationships and happiness. Of course we all want a partner with whom we can be happy. But you can’t make your partner responsible for your happiness. Continue reading “Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness”