Daily masturbation is good for you

If you have followed my blog even for a little bit, you may have noticed that I am a big fan of masturbation. I think it’s good for your relationship, it’s nothing to be ashamed of and I even joined the 30 Day Orgasm challenge, which had me trying daily masturbation. In short, I LOVE masturbating.

I used to set aside some time, if not daily, then at least weekly on my working-from-home day. A half hour slot during which I concentrated on me. Nothing fancy, really. Not enough time to set up candles or even watch porn. But enough time to check in with myself – mentally and physically – and make sure I had some pleasure. Not necessarily an orgasm, but at least pleasure.

Lately my mental health hasn’t been great. And I stopped masturbating altogether. In fact, although I continued to have sex with my husband, albeit sporadically, I hadn’t masturbated since the middle of the summer. Awful, isn’t it?

I know there are people out there who claim that masturbating is bad for you. Not just from a moral perspective, but also just looking at your health. They claim – wrongly, I think – that withholding orgasms will clear up your skin and make you lose weight. That is utter nonsense, of course. Masturbation is SO good for you. I really regret letting my own masturbation routine slide again. I think that my descend into some sort of depression started with me not masturbating and it only went worse from there. Yes, I was stressed as well because of reasons outside of my control, but not masturbating had a LOT to do with it.

I used to feel guilty about masturbating. Guilt that has everything to do with how I was raised. Masturbation was seen as a sin, a self-indulgent act that should not be done. Whenever I am on top of my masturbation routine, I don’t feel that guilt. I see – and feel – how much daily masturbation helps me. But when this routine slips and I go weeks, even months without daily masturbation, the guilt comes back. I think, “I don’t need to masturbate all the time. I shouldn’t be so focused on pleasure.” And with that, I stopped masturbating altogether.

Daily masturbation might be a bit too much. After all, I don’t have a lot of privacy at home and I don’t regularly have the house to myself. But I am determined to make more time for myself. I like who I am when I masturbate regularly. I like being calm, collected and on top of everything. I need to be that person in my family. So I am going to restart my masturbatory self-care routine again.

One of the benefits I hope to gain from daily masturbation (or at least, regular masturbation) is an increased motivation to finish my erotic novel and to write more erotic short stories. So keep an eye out on the blog – or follow me on Twitter – to get the latest news of my publication.

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7 thoughts on “Daily masturbation is good for you”

  1. Same here. In recent months masturbation has become my main sexual outlet. It has been a shift I have not really enjoyed as I miss the physical contact BUT I have enjoyed really focusing on my self pleasure and exploring some of my fantasies freely again


  2. I totally agree that masturbation is good for us, and am really glad you’re finding time to prioritise self-pleasure in your day. Masturbation is a thing that’s helped me so much with my mental health, and we definitely need to (as a society) tackle the shame and guilt around it.

  3. Oh Isabelle, I love that you love to masturbate, you’re right it is a brilliant thing for mind body and soul.
    Sorry you’ve stopped recently. I reckon if you started back up writing that novel you’d be reading for yourself in no time! It’s a win win for you ❤️❤️

  4. Love the openess and passion and real positivity here. Im single and its an important part of my stress relief and erotic enjoyment. Glad to see someone who enjoys it and gets similar benefits to myself.

  5. I have neglected masturbation for a long time — not for any real reason, but I haven’t prioritized it at all. And yet I know that it helps me sleep better, calms my anxious mind, and FEELS good — all are reasons to do it more regularly. I have a good friend who uses masturbation (and orgasms) as part of her pain management. So yes, I think it’s good for us, too.

  6. Masturbation is definitely good for the soul, I use it as self-care as well, and to calm my anxious mind. This post really got me thinking about my own masturbation routines and I realized that I haven’t masturbated in weeks. I got to get back to that!

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