Sex toy review: Satisfyer Men

satisfyer men box
Satisfyer have a habit of sending out tonnes of sex toys to bloggers for a review. They are not demanding at all – they don’t even check up on whether you have posted a review or not – and often they send more than one sample of the same toy.

I had agreed to review the whole new Satisfyer line of toys, and I was especially excited about the Satisfyer Men toy. I absolutely love sex toys (and I know I am not the only one) and I wanted to share that love with hubby. We had tried the Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo, but hubby was especially looking forward to trying out a sleeve.

satisfyer men

I have to admit that I, personally, was a bit disappointed with the Satisfyer Men. I thought that it would have the same suction technique as the other Satisfyer toys for clitoris-owners. However, it really is just a sleeve with the added function that you can “pump” it to make it more tight. That’s not necessarily bad, but just a bit disappointing. The other thing that is disappointing is the unfortunate marketing of this product. Unnecessary gendering (why can’t it just be Satisfyer Penis Sleeve?) and weird marketing of a porn star claiming that an orgasm with the Satisfyer Men is better than he has ever had with any woman. The Satisfyer Men can be an amazing masturbation sleeve without putting down women, thank you.

satisfyer men inside

The inside sleeve of the toy is easy to remove and clean. I am not sure what kind of material Cyberskin is, but it feels very soft. Satisfyer claims that it is made from silicone, but I am not entirely convinced that it is completely body safe. I would advice cleaning it thoroughly and checking it regularly.

Satisfyer Men opening

So, how did it feel though? My poor husband had to answer extensive questions to this effect. He really liked the Satisfyer Men. The loosest setting was great for him to start with, but as he got more aroused and harder, he liked tightening it up a little bit, though not too much. He really loved the subtle ridges on the inside of the sleeve. The Cyberskin felt amazing and almost life-like, especially after it warmed up a bit during use.

The Satisfyer Men is a great masturbating sleeve and hubby would love to use it more often. I have to admit, I liked watching him use it, although I still prefer having sex together (which we ended up doing after all).

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