Share our Shit Saturday – the first of the year

It has been a while since I did an #SoSS post. If you want to know what Share our Shit Saturday is all about, read my first post in the series where I explain the idea behind it.

This week I thought I would revisit some of the blogs of the sex bloggers who participated in the Summer 100 Sex Blogging Challenge, and especially the ones who I featured on my blog in a special Blogger Spotlight. I find I sometimes get in a rut reading the same sex blogs as everyone else – it seems like the sex blogging community is really small – so it is nice to go back to my fellow participants and see what they have been up to.

Victoria at Pretty Pink Lotus Bud organised the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge and she continues to blog despite some personal struggles. She recently posted this awesome article about consent and asks, when did you first recognize you needed consent? It’s a lovely personal story which poses a very good point and it’s articles like these why I love Victoria.

Juliet, aka Mrs Sexy is a hotwife who has written a few books about her experiences. She blogs about certain date nights as well and her stories are always entertaining (and very interesting if you want to learn more about what a hotwife is).

Kristin Hambridge is a psychotherapist and sexual health counselor with her own blog. Her articles are always very insightful and helpful and I really liked this post on staying sexy during the holidays. It’s an old one, but nevertheless a good one.

Taryn has a great blog and I particularly like her SEO series for sex bloggers. She tracked her orgasms last year and wrote a post about the results. I have seen a lot of people with similar spreadsheets, which seems like so much work to me. I just don’t have the time to track things like that, but I guess it does give you a good picture of your sex life. Maybe I should look into bullet journaling…

Chronic Sex is a website that deals with the topic of being sexually active while having a chronic illness (and especially chronic pain). I particularly love this blog post on shit we need to leave in 2017. I am just sad that it is so long, I mean really, we need to do better in 2018.

I hadn’t checked in with Nell from Woman on Top for a while and that is my excuse for missing her post on fat shaming. Maybe we can make 2018 the year in which fat does not mean something negative. And let’s bin all those New Year’s articles and blog posts and advertisements that suggest we need to collective hit the gym and go on a diet so we can lose the Christmas weight. Sod off!

Ani at The Story of A has a great post about the difference between BDSM and abuse based on a question from one of her readers. I think that especially for the uninitiated and those new to BDSM this can be quite a confusing topic, so it is great that people like Ani are there to point out what a good BDSM relationship looks like.

I have featured Oh Gush before on my blog in one of the #SoSS posts, I just love that there is a blog out there about squirting. But Rose does not only write about female ejaculation, I loved reading this review of the So Divine Wand Massager as well.

Another blogger I really liked interacting with during the Summer 100 Sex Blogging Challenge was Sharp Sweet Bella. She turned 40 in December (welcome to the club, Bella!) and wrote a wonderful blog post about honouring the tower card (in Tarot) and what this has meant for her in her life.

Carly over at Dildo or Dildon’t (still my favourite blog name) reviewed the Hot Octopus Queen Bee and she did not like it. The more I read about this toy, the more I have doubts about liking it myself. Especially the shape of it, or as Carly puts it:

The broad head of wands are usually rounded, which allows you to basically nuzzle it ergonomically on the vulva, where the Queen Bee’s plate has a flat surface, making it hard to draw it close to your junk, making the sensations feel weak to me.

Stephanie does not blog a lot, but her website Meet Mrs Mayweather is definitely worth a perusal. I liked this blog post of hers from November in which she openly talks about postpartum depression. It happens to many women, yet there is still too little support for it.

And last, but not least, is Jess from A Mess of Reviews. Rather than link to a specific blog post of hers, why not check out her whole blog as she has great reviews on her site. She also announced that she will make some changes to the blog in February, so I am excited to see where she will take her site.

That was a fun trip down memory lane. I really enjoyed looking back at my fellow participants of the Summer 100 Sex Blogging Challenge and I haven’t even revisited the blogs of those I didn’t write a Blogger Spotlight for. Well, maybe next time.

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