Share our Shit Saturday – 20 October

The last time I did a #SoSS post was before the summer, I can’t believe it! In my defence, I did share a lot of others’ content during the summer when I co-hosted the Summer 100 Blog Challenge, but it’s so nice to be back to reading different blogs and posting some highlights. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – 20 October”

Summer 100: halfway through round 1

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

We’re halfway through round 1, so I though I’d make a list of all the qualifying blog posts so far. Just as a remjnder: blog posts qualify if they are 500+ words long, have 2 or more images and link to 2 or more patricipants of the Summer 100 blog challenge! If you think I have missed a qualifying blog post, please let me know and I will update the list. Continue reading “Summer 100: halfway through round 1”

Meet the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge participants

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

It’s finally here! The Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge has started. Throughout the summer participants of the Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge will grow their blog by creating good content, linking to other bloggers and promoting each other’s work on social media platforms. Continue reading “Meet the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge participants”

Share our Shit Saturday – 26 May

It’s been a while since I have done an #SoSS post, so I thought it’d be time for another one. I am always happy to share my fellow sex bloggers and sex workers’ content, but I don’t always have the time to read other people’s blogs. Especially when life gets busy, that is one of the first things to go, frustratingly. However, Come 1 June, I will be embarking on a a 3 month long #SoSS journey, called Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge. Sign up has now closed, but if you are really desperate to still join, please let me or Victoria know and I am sure we can still add you to the list. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – 26 May”

Share our Shit Saturday – 21 April

I have been remiss in posting my #SoSS blog posts – in fact, I have been a bit lax in blogging in general. I am hoping to change that this week, as I am planning to pre-write a few blog posts for this week. I am working hard on finishing my erotic novel, which is where most of my time is going at the moment. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – 21 April”

Share our Shit Saturday – 17 February

I took a week off blogging, so there was no #SoSS post from me last week. I am feeling a bit more refreshed this week, so I am throwing up some links I liked reading this week. Let’s share the shit out of our shit and fight the continuous censoring of sex writing! Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – 17 February”