Wicked Wednesday: Relax

This story was written for the Wicked Wednesday meme. The prompt was Fantasy. I have written about sexual fantasies before and how sometimes your fantasies are not at all what you’d like in reality, but this particular fantasy is something I’d love in reality. It would be so amazing to be able to relax like this. Not that this particular fantasy would ever happen, but that’s why it’s a fantasy, right?

Her gentle hand caresses my head, her slender fingers running through my hair.

“Busy day?” she asks.

“Mmm…” I murmur in response.

This feels so good. We are laying side by side on the bed and every now and then she lowers her lips to mine and kisses me. Soft kisses, little more than a brush of her lips on mine, but enough to make the blood flow to my clit. I hadn’t counted on being aroused, not tonight, not after the day I have had, but she always knows how to take away my stress. She doesn’t demand, doesn’t expect anything from me.

“You smell good,” she says as she leans in for another kiss.

“So do you.” I pull her closer and seek out her tongue with mine. She obliges, opening her lips for me to slide in. She tastes of springtime and fruit. Her lips are soft and undemanding and I explore her mouth leisurely.

Then she pulls back. One of her hands snakes lower down my chest towards my breasts. My breath hitches in anticipation and she cups one of my breasts gently. She repeats the motion with my other breast. My nipples are erect and my heart rate increases.

“Relax,” she whispers. “Let me take care of you.”

My body burns with desire and I find it hard to relax. When my blood is hot with lust I want to be fucked hard and quick. I don’t want to wait for an orgasm. But I know that impatience will not get me anything tonight. If I demand pleasure, either by words or body language, she will back off and I will be left unsatisfied.

I take a deep breath. It’s a good thing I am tired anyhow tonight. She does not encourage active involvement when she’s in this mood. All that is required – no: demanded – of me is to lie here and take what she gives me. I know she will tie me up if I move too much, so I will my body to relax. Her fingers running over my scalp help me. I can feel my heartbeat slow down and despite the wetness gathering in my cunt, I keep still.

She notices the shift in my body and smiles. “Good girl.”

She leaves my side for a moment and returns with a blindfold. “I don’t want you to anticipate what I’m going to do to you. Do you mind?”

“No.” My voice sounds hoarse and I clear my throat. “No, I prefer the blindfold.”

She smiles and kisses me. Then she ties the blindfold around my head, cutting out all light. The blindfold has been tailored to my face and I can’t see anything. For a moment I panic, but she caresses me until my breathing calms down.

She turns on some music. Sometimes I ask for the noise-cancelling headphones so I can’t even anticipate what she is going to do based on what I hear, but not tonight. Tonight the music is enough to cover up her sounds. Besides, I want to hear her voice.

Her hands skim over my body, avoiding my erogenous zones. Her touch is feather light and I feel my body sink into the mattress. I am relaxed, more relaxed than I have been in weeks. My cunt throbs and my nipples pucker with desire, but I keep my breath even. I am ready to take whatever she is willing to give me.

She spreads my legs and I imagine her admiring my cunt. I can feel hear breath on my wet pussy lips, but she doesn’t touch me. Not yet. I am momentarily disappointed, but I allow the feeling to pass.

She turns her attention back to my breasts. She gently licks each perfect dome, nipping the peaks with her teeth. Pleasure shoots through me and my cunt aches for her touch, but I don’t show any of it. If I squirm or moan or, worst of all, beg for her touch, she will stop. This is all part of our ritual and I know the rules. So I register the pleasure and let it flow through me without attempting to grab it. I am merely a vessel.

She slides her hands over my sides and my hips and, finally, towards my cunt. I regulate my breathing so I don’t get too aroused. Usually when we fuck my body bucks and writhes, my voice cries out in delight, but not tonight. Tonight I stay still.

Her thumbs slide down either side of my slit, pressing down on my labia. I can feel my orgasm build, but I diffuse any tension in my body by breathing evenly. My body starts to feel light. Each wave of pleasure seems to take weight off me until I feel like I am floating. I am dimly aware of her slipping two fingers inside me. Her thumb strums my clit. Pleasure fills every part of my body and it becomes increasingly difficult not to moan. I breathe: in through my nose, out through my mouth. Even breaths that distribute the fire in my body evenly so I can stand the exquisite build-up of my climax.

“Good girl,” she whispers. “You’re doing really well.”

I don’t acknowledge her words, but they make my heart soar. I can feel the tiny contractions in my vagina, but again I don’t try to reach for my climax. The contractions don’t let up and I can feel the dam break deep inside my body. A deep sigh that comes from the core of my being escapes me as my orgasm lifts me up. Every cell in my body climaxes – this feeling does not seem to bear any relation to my genitalia. She does not alter the pace of her strokes as my cunt clamps around her fingers and I start to cry.

When my cunt relaxes, she withdraws her fingers. She unties the blindfold and kisses me. I am at peace. My body feels numb, almost as if it doesn’t belong to me, and yet I am very much aware of my blood coursing through my veins, my skin tingling, my heart pounding in my chest.

She gathers me into her arms and I rest my head on her chest. I feel revived. No one in the world can make me feel like this.

“I love you,” I whisper before drifting off to sleep.

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  1. Lovely fantasy – I can see how you would need the blindfold to relax into it. When you describe how you pace yourself, and dont strive towards climax, – unf, that gave me all the feels.

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