“Boys will be boys” is no excuse

TW:sexual assault, rape, Brett Kavanaugh

The world is a dumpster fire right now. I haven’t blogged in a while because my own life has not been great at the moment and I am dealing with some personal issues on top of a house move. But I wanted to come here in my own personal safe space on the Internet and vent some of my frustrations at a particular piece of news. Continue reading ““Boys will be boys” is no excuse”

The end of summer

couple on bench in sunset

I can’t believe it’s September already, how has the summer gone by so fast? Sadly the end of summer also means the end of the Summer 100 Blog Challenge. This year we had 19 participants who actively posted blog posts during the challenge. I always appreciate getting to know new bloggers and this was an excellent way for me to read many new blog posts. Continue reading “The end of summer”

Don’t be so serious!

I have a new banner for my website. I am not that good at taking evocative photos and I am rubbish at drawing things, so I decided to commission two artists to create my website banner and Twitter avatar. I didn’t really provide very detailed instructions and I didn’t proof the banner while the artists were in the process of making it. I wanted to be surprised. Continue reading “Don’t be so serious!”

Don’t touch yourself

“Don’t touch yourself,” Gary said before he left. “Don’t masturbate when I’m away, no matter how horny you get. I will reward you for it when I get home. It will be worth it, I promise.”

Fool that I am, I agreed to it. I didn’t think it would be hard; after all, I don’t masturbate that much and he was only going to be away for a week. How hard could it be? Continue reading “Don’t touch yourself”

Taking up space in a men’s world

I grew up with the belief that men are superior to women. It wasn’t just my parents who taught me that: at every turn in my life, society made sure I knew damn well that I should shut up and listen to men. Things haven’t changed. Especially at work, it is abundantly clear that men receive preferential treatment. Ideas proposed by me are shut down, but when my male colleague proposes the same idea a day or two later (or sometimes in the same meeting), it’s greeted with praise and enthusiasm. Continue reading “Taking up space in a men’s world”

It’s giveaway time!

I am moving house soon and I recently reached 1,000 followers on Twitter, so to celebrate I am holding a giveaway. I have three great prizes, thanks to some generous companies who have given me these toys in the past. You can enter for all prizes or for just one, it’s completely up to you. Thank you all for supporting my blog! Continue reading “It’s giveaway time!”

Why good sex education is important

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

The theme for the sixth and last round of the Summer 100 Blog Challenge is Sex Education. Sex education seems to be a hot topic, both in the UK and in the US. Sadly, the people clamouring the most about sex education are the people who want to limit what our children will learn about sex. And that is a bad trend. Continue reading “Why good sex education is important”

Wicked Wednesday: Passengers


A lot of people fantasise about joining the Mile High Club. Having sex several miles above the earth, what can be sexier than that? But the idea of cramming myself into a tiny, dirty plane bathroom to have awkward sex is not my idea of a good time. And furtively getting off in a crammed airplane seat is likewise no turn on. Continue reading “Wicked Wednesday: Passengers”

The importance of sex toy reviewers

sex toys

My sex blog started out as a mixture of personal confessions and ramblings about sex and sex toy reviews. I reviewed quite a few sex toys, although nothing in the region of more seasoned sex toy reviewers. I really enjoyed reviewing sex toys in the beginning, but after a while the allure wore off a bit. Continue reading “The importance of sex toy reviewers”