Share our Shit Saturday – 26 May

It’s been a while since I have done an #SoSS post, so I thought it’d be time for another one. I am always happy to share my fellow sex bloggers and sex workers’ content, but I don’t always have the time to read other people’s blogs. Especially when life gets busy, that is one of the first things to go, frustratingly. However, Come 1 June, I will be embarking on a a 3 month long #SoSS journey, called Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge. Sign up has now closed, but if you are really desperate to still join, please let me or Victoria know and I am sure we can still add you to the list. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – 26 May”

Share our Shit Saturday – 17 February

I took a week off blogging, so there was no #SoSS post from me last week. I am feeling a bit more refreshed this week, so I am throwing up some links I liked reading this week. Let’s share the shit out of our shit and fight the continuous censoring of sex writing! Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – 17 February”

Share our Shit Saturday – I’m on a roll

I didn’t think I would be able to do a #SoSS post this week, but I read a few good blogs after all, so I thought I’d share. I have to say I am concerned about all the censorship on the internet and I am so fed up with sex always being shoved into the dark. Why is sex more offensive than violence? Anyhow, I could rant on about this forever, but instead I am going to share some content. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – I’m on a roll”

Share our Shit Saturday – the second one in January

Wow, this week has blown by. I can’t believe it’s time already for another #SoSS round up. As always, I am going to share blog posts or articles I have found interesting this week, they are not necessarily blog posts that have been published this week. I sometimes stumble on an old blog post that I find worth sharing. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – the second one in January”

Share our Shit Saturday, the “I am Busy” Edition

It’s the end of the week again! It’s been such a busy week for me, with travel to the Netherlands to see family and for work and lots of other work and non-work related items going on. Next week is going to be even worse. I can’t seem to shake this tiredness and I really want to feel the joy of blogging again. I am trying to blog more, as I find that the more I blog, the more I enjoy it, and I also need to not worry too much about what other people think. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday, the “I am Busy” Edition”

Share our Shit Saturday – It’s December!

It is Saturday again, how fast did this week go? And with Saturday it is time for another #SoSS post. If you are new to #SoSS, this is a way in which we try to combat the silencing of sex bloggers and sex workers on the Internet, in particular on social media, by sharing each other’s posts on our blogs and widening our reach. Hopefully you find something of interest here, but do also check out other bloggers’ #SoSS posts by checking the hashtag on Twitter. Continue reading “Share our Shit Saturday – It’s December!”