Flash Fiction Friday – Sexy Fairy Tale

sexy fairy tale


Once upon a time, in a country far, far away, there lived a princess. She lived in a beautiful castle in a beautiful country. Unfortunately there was a curse on the country. The country hadn’t seen rain in two years. Crops withered and died and the people were going hungry. There was only one way to lift the curse: the princess was to experience a moment of ecstatic bliss and then the rains would fall again. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday – Sexy Fairy Tale”

Sex toy review: Tantus Rumble

This is a rewritten review of the Tantus Rumble, as the original got lost in the great website disaster.
Tantus rumble in box

When Tantus asked me to pick a few toys to review for my blog, I did not hesitate to choose the Tantus Rumble. I have always wanted to try out a wand vibrator and the Rumble looked quite interesting. It was a good choice. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Tantus Rumble”

The challenges of sex blogging as a mum

Sex blogging is fun. So much fun. I love testing sex toys and learning more about what I like in my toys, and I love talking about sex in general. The sex blogging community is also amazing, both through blogs and social media (in my case, Twitter). But being a sex blogging mum is not without its challenges. Continue reading “The challenges of sex blogging as a mum”

Sex toys: so much more than a tool to get you off

sex toys

If you have followed my blog for a few months and follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I have really gotten into sex toys since starting my blog. Not only because I like testing and reviewing it, but also because I like using them myself. Continue reading “Sex toys: so much more than a tool to get you off”

Sex toy review: Ovo D5 Mini Vibrator

This is a rewritten version of the original review, which sadly got lost in the great website disaster.
Ovo D5 Mini Vibrator in box
Ovo Lifestyle Toys sent me two of their toys to test and review. You can read the first review (of the Ovo E3) here. This post will look at the Ovo D5 Mini Vibrator. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Ovo D5 Mini Vibrator”