Sex toy review: Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Nikita Dildo

This is a rewritten version of the original review post, which got lost in the great website misadventure.
Nikita glass dildo in box

Meraki Love kindly sent me the Sensual Multi Coloured Glass Nikita Dildo to review. I love glass dildos, so the Glass Nikita Dildo was right up my alley. This dildo has a nice curve to it with a bit of a bigger, round head which I thought would be perfect for G spot stimulation. (more…)

My first experience with bondage

I have been interested in bondage for quite a while. I am not a very kinky person, or at least I never think of myself of kinky. Going out for lunch with a remote-controlled vibrating egg inside me was the kinkiest thing I had ever done. But I really liked the thought of being tied up and being unable to do anything as hubby pleasured me. I carefully put the suggestion to him that we experiment with it sometime and luckily he was up for it.