Sex toy review: Dona Kissable Massage Candle

Dona massage candle

I have always wanted to try a massage candle. The idea of hot wax dripping on me, only to be smoothed out as my partner massages me seems incredibly hot. Likewise I love giving massages, but because my hands are always cold, the inital shock of pouring cold oil on my husband’s back and starting the massage cold was always a bit of a hurdle. Hot oil from a candle seemed like such a better idea. (more…)

Sex toy review: The Dodil

Dodil accessories
When I first saw images and tweets about the Dodil coming out, I was really excited. The Dodil is a mouldable dildo which you can shape in any form you want. And when you are sick of the shape, you can just change it up again. It’s such a novel idea and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. Luckily for me, the very kind creators of the Dodil agreed to send me a sample in exchange for an honest review. (more…)