I love being monogamous

I’m a steady-as-you-go-gal. I don’t particularly love surprises. I don’t get excited by a chance encounter with a new partner, or new sexual experiences. The thrill of the hunt, the victory of the capture, are not for me. I am really not that adventurous.

I don’t like dicks

I don’t like dicks. There, I’ve said it. I always feel a bit weird about that. Many of my fellow sex bloggers write lovingly about how much they love dicks, whether it be their partner’s or just in porn (although NEVER in the form of unsolicited dick pics), but I don’t share those feelings.

Let’s talk about squirting

I just realised I haven’t really talked about squirting on my site. I used to squirt a lot and with regularity. However, in the last few months it is almost as if I had lost the ability to squirt. Although I continued to have amazing sex, squirting remained absent.